updates on the updates

Posted: February 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

I have completed my demon short story (first draft-not happy with it-human not tortured enough) and my article (first draft). Both need revising, but I have finished them, which for me is a big step.

I am trying to read what I have on Fernando so far and I keep getting interrupted by Netflix (what will happen next to Frankie and Grace?) and so far after two tries I have failed to read it through from beginning to the end of chapter thirteen.

I am writing chapter fourteen but that’s coming along too slllloooowwwwwly so I am not a happy camper, er, writer.

More butt in chair is needed if I want to finish first draft of Fernando before I do the second revisions of book two. And I will be sending book two off to the editor in March so I have to hurry and get first draft of Fernando completed.

Oh, and I have a new idea for another article, and I think I’m going to revise a short and find a market for it. The short I let a professional screen writer read and he liked it and gave me some suggestions so I may be able to get that published somewhere. Just do some revising and find a place to send it.

I have things in progress but just slow progress. And I still have some outlining to do and some dusting off to do so it’s not like I don’t have enough writing projects, I just have no keep butt in chair gumption.

*le sigh*

So, I did finish the first draft of article one and demon short story so I need to revise. And read Fernando from beginning to end in one go…geez

Read ya later!



what’s in a name

Posted: February 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’m working on Fernando and trying to flesh out the meager outline I have for it. I have written thirteen chapters and according to the meager outline I have twenty one chapters so far.

But in reading back in the story I realized that no one, except the gnome, had a last name. And at first I didn’t even think the prince had a name of any kind, just being called brother or prince when he shows up. But I did find his first name, though I don’t like it and will most likely change it. Maybe Pervis? He is an obnoxious sort so I don’t want to give him an attractive name like a movie star, not that Fernando is all that fancy. *laugh*

But a name is only in the hearing of the beholder, right? What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell just as sweet? Or something like that…

Speaking of which, I’m not sure I should use my real name as my pen name. I mean, just in case I get famous and get stalkers and all that kind of stuff. Maybe I should use a pen name? Then anyone who wanted to contact me would go through my agent.

Um, when I get an agent.

I will have to think of a pen name. Yeah, that would save me a lot of time from, uh, paperwork. And companies who clean up…never mind.

Here’s my plan…

Work on Fernando and finish first draft (I actually have an invasion coming up next chapter) while I am waiting on my revisions on book two and also find out what my beta reader says about book two.

Finish my article, or edit my article as I have finished it, and finish my short story since I have it outlined in semi detail.

Then when I get book two from the editor I do the revisions and then send it back for the more detailed revision, which really excites me for some reason.

Book one is still in its box being ignored, and I may finish the first draft but I want to finish Fernando’s and Night’s first draft first.

And once I get book two completely finished, find an agent, send Fernando to the editor after my first revision, and write another article.

And all this while working full time and doing a little traveling here and there.

Life is good!

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writery stuff

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Now that book two is on stand by waiting for the editor and beta reader I’m looking at other projects. It’s not like I don’t have enough to do, it’s more like I don’t have enough time to do them…..and/or the discipline.

*I really need to work on my discipline*

I have decided to put book one away, for now. Glancing at it I don’t think there is enough of a story to finish it, even though it explains a lot of book two. There just isn’t enough of it to make a book. At least not yet…maybe in a year or so I can take another look.

But having it on my to-do list was bogging me down so I boxed it up and put it away.

On to other things…

Like Agatha….I need to outline Agatha and maybe move chapters around. That’s why I need to outline it more better.   <——-did that on porpoise, HA!

And I have a project going on where I am going to take all of the bits and pieces of papers with notes and maps and put them into one notebook (for Fernando) like I did with book two. It makes it so much easier to find information on my worlds and characters when the notes are in one place. I even have page numbers and a contents page that tells you where to find what where. All logically and stuff!

There are also articles that need written and the short story I need to finish and others that need editing.

So waiting for book two won’t be a hardship….getting discipline to sit butt in chair is the hardship.

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i did it, I took the plunge

Posted: February 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, I finished the first revisions of book two. I also requested an appointment with a developmental editor. Afterwards I felt like I had sent my child out into the world and was left empty nested.

I think, no I know, it was fear of rejection that has kept me, for so long, from sending anything out. And not until I had sent a bit of writing to a published writer for a manuscript evaluation during a writer conference, and then another story evaluation from another published writer (and screen writer), did I feel even confident to consider spending the money to hire an editor. Both professionals said I was a good writer. And they had read two different stories. Whoa!

So I took the plunge and I am going to hire the editor. I may be a good writer but there is so much that needs to be worked on and I’m not completely lost but I could use a professional eye, who is not emotionally attached, to read my work and tell me what needs to be fixed.

I’m too close to my work and my friends are not professional writers or editors so they won’t have the expertise to edit anything. Nor the time, really.

I’ve been an editor on magazines twice and it takes time to do a good edit, and those were for articles. I can’t even imagine how much time it would take for a book editorial. And this is developmental…which means it won’t be about grammar and spelling. It will be about plot and structure and characterization and flow and those kind of things. Stuff I really need someone to edit the book on.

It feels weird not having the book around now. I had already printed, hard copies, of the first revision off, so now a friend of mine can let me know what she thinks from a reader’s point of view.

I’m not sure how to send the manuscript to the editor yet. It’s 278 pages so it might go by email. She’s a professional with her own company so I’m pretty sure she knows that bit of it.

All I know is that I feel like I’m empty nesting again.

Which is silly because I have two other manuscripts, plus short stories and articles, just waiting to get their first drafts finished.

But I am excited to see what the editor says about the book. I had to send 15 pages and she wants to set up an appointment so I guess it doesn’t suck too much. Why would she waste her time editing, besides the money of course, to work on a piece of garbage.

GAH, are all writers this insecure?

Read ya later!


I have revised sixteen chapters so far…and this is the first revision. I saw a TON of POV shifts OMG.A.TON of POV shifts but it would take me too long to fix those so I kept going looking for flow and plot holes this time.

Oh, and chapter 21? Yeah, nothing on that yet. NOTHING!

I’m still not talking to it and I won’t until it decides to behave itself and get written.

Nuff said!

In other news I am now, seriously, thinking about hiring a development editor. Found one so far and the price seems reasonable. Pricey but not out of my budget, uh, once I set a budget. But they have different levels and they do other things…Cool!

They had examples of their editing and different packages. They even have a editorial letter that gives more of a bigger picture of the novel while the editing part gets into the grit of the story. And I mean grit, wow!

I’ve set a date of February 17 to either pass or set up a time with this editor.

I can also get a synopsis critique and a query letter critique. I have no experience writing either so having someone look them over who has the know how would be invaluable.

And as of now I am on chapter seventeen of the manuscript which means I only have five more chapters (including that stupid chapter 21) to finish revising. Once I set my mind to it I should be able to get it finished. But my problem then would be do I send it to the editor with all the crazy POV shifts and all the telling or try and fix them myself in the second revision first and then send it.

I’m leaning more toward sending the manuscript with only the first revision and see what the editor says about the POV and telling. They might be able to learn me something.

Yeah, it will be a bit pricey but if I can get a polished manuscript out of the deal then it might be worth it and later I will know, better, how to fix the next novel. I do have seven so far with two more ideas just waiting. And that does not count the short stories.

Yeah, I need help!

Read ya later!

the first revision

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The first revision is moving along fast. Not as fast as I would like but my day job just drains me and I need a nap when I get home, plus day to day chores…retirement will change all that. yesss

But for now I really have to try harder and get the first revision finished.

I do one thing, I jump POV like you would not believe wow! Going to have to find something to help me with that omg.

And I’m finding plot holes and logic issues so there is that to fix next revision. This revision I’m just typing up the pen and ink changes. And I print off the new chapter for more pen and ink changes next revision.

My plan is, though, to finish this revision (and that stupid chapter 21) and move on to another story. I’m thinking Agatha’s story but I might want to finish the first draft of Fernando. I think I’m almost done with it. I will check when I finish this first revision of book two.

Agatha still needs a lot of work and more critters. Plus a better outline…yeah I have a lot of work ahead of me.

And I need a copy of a contract for my Grix story. I will look again this weekend so I can finish that short story up. And I may have an idea to change it to a novel later. yessss

But first I need to finish book two, Fernando, Agatha, and book one. Whew!

Read ya later!

and now for the updates

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Book two is at a stand still, AGAIN! It’s not my fault, I swear. Chapter 21 is being stubborn and refuses to be written. No, it’s not writer’s block, I know what is supposed to be there.

The stupid thing just refuses to be written. I even took out the character it didn’t want.

Didn’t work, still refuses to be written. GAH!

My plan is to continue with the first rewrite and completely ignore the last chapter, 21, and hope that by the time I come to it again, in rewrites, it will cooperate. *crosses fingers*

In other news, the writers conference that I had attended last year (so much fun)  will not be open this year. A lot of politics and drama and fat shaming, soooo…not going this year. Dang it!

After reading what had happened I wasn’t going to go anyway. I will not tolerate people being talked about like that and then the one person who stood up  decrying the fat shaming to be fired???

Nope, in good conscience I cannot let myself be associated by people like this, regardless of the public apology or not. To know that the board tolerated such actions just rubs me the wrong way.

New plan:

  1. Write a query letter for book two (laughs hysterically) and submit to a few agents that represent fantasy authors. *crosses fingers*
  2. Have nervous breakdown

I have never written a query letter before so this should be interesting, *clutches teddy bear* Doesn’t scare me at all.

I do want to get the first revisions completed, not that there isn’t any hurry now because the workshop will not happen, but I have two other, different,  stories that are begging for my attention.

This writing thing would be so much easier if I was retired from my full time job. But I like to eat and be inside a warm house too much to quit and just write. *grins*

But soon, very soon…

Read ya later!