wow, chapter eight already

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I’m writing chapter eight now. That sure went fast! Oh, and I updated the writers’ webpage with something really cool.

You can find it here. And if you live in Indianapolis you might want to check out the event on the front page sponsored by Indiana Humanities

I didn’t get all of my words for the day, only 867, but putting the Central Indiana Writers’ Association newsletter together and then adding the Frankenfest to the CIWA webpage, that took some time. Oh, and I tweeted some tweets!

And I didn’t count any of that as words or editing, or the words I wrote today about rules that I am going to use for a little booklet for something else. No, I am not going to tell you what the rules are about, now. Once the booklet is done and ready to be bought then you can buy it and read it for yourself. Um, for entertainment purposes only. I will not accept responsibility what the reader does with the rules.

Which reminds me of another rule book I need to put out for, um, entertainment purposes only, of course. Ahem!

Yeah, I am on chapter eight now. And Fernando still hasn’t met his sister but he will in chapter eight. And I have a, somewhat, rough outline of the other chapters and in some of them its going to get hairy, as in some really cool action. At least they are cool in my head so I cannot wait to see them on paper.

And still plugging away at the first revision of the first draft of the completed manuscript. It’s 240 pages long and I’m on page 25 so it’s going to take a minute. And then I have to retype it all up again and add the chapters I didn’t, for some reason I don’t remember, put it the first time.

What? Yeah, I was surprised, too, when I found that out.

So here’s hoping to get back to my 1000 words writing and 10 page editing again, very soon. This coming weekend will be challenging. I have an event to go to and I will have to people so not sure how my word count will do then. I guess I will find out, eh?

Read ya later!

chapter seven is rolling along

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Yesterday I wrote 1532 on chapter seven plus I added 500 something to chapter six to make if logical. There was a bit of a mess there for a minute.

Today I wrote 486 on chapter seven during a meeting. I had some boring time to kill and it was a large meeting and I did not have anyone near me. As far as anyone, who even looked in my direction, was concerned I was taking notes. HA!

So I just finished typing the 486 words into the first draft with plans to add more tonight.

It was amazing at the meeting though. I got into the zone and the words were flowing like water over a fall. Awesome!

But now Fernando is facing his mother to tell him he is not dead like she thought for 27 years, which is a big shock for his younger twin siblings. They had no idea they had a big brother. It hasn’t sunk in, yet, that Fernando has a claim on the throne. Not yet, anyway.

It will in a few minutes when he tells them that…the queen is only a regent by royal law but she has kept her younger son, who is heir apparent (or was) under her thumb so she could rule in his stead. The sister is not even in line of succession but her mother made her take over something else.

Yeah, it’s going to get interesting from here on, now. What with monsters being sent to kill and other assignation attempts. Not even mentioning the trip to the void that at least two people end of going on, albeit not voluntarily.

And the whole revolt, and the duel, and of course the coup. Nothing like an old fashioned coup. Who doesn’t like a good coup? I know, right?

Yep, chapter seven is the beginning of the drama stuff. Don’t even get me started on the invasion and the new war.

And that’s only for starters.

Read ya later!


I got it

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Chapter six is finished and chapter seven has begun, but more importantly I got my 1000 words for today. And it was not easy!

You would think that sitting in a chair and just typing the words in my mind would be easy. Sounds easy, does it not?

It’s not as anyone who writes will tell you. Sure, Stephen King can write 2000 words a day, EVERY DAY, makes it sound easy but he is a prolific writer and has been doing it professionally for years.

Even he sits butt in chair and writes his words for the day, every day.

Any writer will tell you that the ability to sit butt in chair and get word count for the day is not easy. At least the ones who are truthful about it.

The thoughts and the notes, and the notes on the thoughts, combine to distract a writer all the time. It’s part of the process, they tell me. You have to make your butt stay in chair, they tell me. Yeah, I’m not too fond of they and their telling. It’s not easy to sit butt in chair and get word count.

But I did it today amongst the all the notes and back reading of the story and the reading the notes of the beginning of the original story…I had to go back and double check, do some additions to my notes, and change the outline of the outline because I have added some chapters.

But I wrote and I got my butt to stay in chair long enough to get my word count. I’m trying to do 1000 a day, and I’m pretty sure chapter seven words are crap, BUT they are part of my 1000 word count so there they will stay until I revise. Um, or go back and add to/delete some/rewrite something as I did chapter six.

Well, I forgot that my protagonist did not ask about his mother the queen and since that is why he is in the capital, and talking to his auntie, he might be just a tad curious about the beginning. Yeah, I thought so, too, so I went back to six and added some more words with gave me a total of 526 there.

Then I started chapter seven which gave me another 505 words. In total I wrote 1031 words today. Um, among the handwritten notes and addendums to the notes of some of the chapters that I had to rearrange because I forgot about the commander. I only count the words I write in the book itself. Notes and blogs do not count as word count. I’m trying to be a better writer.

I’m a good writer, I had two professional writers tell me so, but to be a better writer I need to sit butt in chair and get word count.

My protagonist has to talk to the commander so that’s a whole new chapter. Yes, that is important. No, I can’t tell you why, right now, why it is important. But it is important and has to be written before the caca hits the fan. The commander will be important later but the protagonist has to reinforce what the others have told the commander so yep, new chapter.

So, butt in chair long enough, on two separate times, to get my word count. Yay!

Read ya later!

I attended the Carmel Film Forum because, one, I’m an extra in the prequel to the screenplay, and two, I submitted a short story for critique for the second day of the forum.

You were supposed to submit only screenplays but I have connections so I was able to get a short story submitted instead. Yeah, I know the guy who directed and wrote the prequel AND got the grant for the film forum. He hosted the whole two day thingie.

And I had a blast.

My critique, you ask? What did they tell me, you ask?

Oh, well, you know, they wrote something along the lines that I am a good writer and the story pulled them in and they wanted more. They found my “short story to have its greatest strength in your descriptive language”. That be quotes, my dear readers. EXACT WORDS from the letter.

And also, “There’s a lot of real emotion and celebration of Self Sacrifice in your story.”

And ” Your plot twist of tricking the XXXX was believable and clever. You deftly manufactured a sad, yet clever and heroic way to destroy the creature and save the kingdom.”

I put the XXXX because I don’t wanna give the thing away. You will have to buy the book when it comes out and find out,

BUTBUTBUT….this was written by a published screenplay writer who works with people from all over, including HOLLYWOOD! I  know, right?

So I am a good writer and I can write good and I want to continue to write and get published and I will. I will walk into bookstores and see my books. I will look on Amazon and see my books, and I will leave a heritage for my grandchildren (at least the ones who won’t be scared to read them) for generations.

And now I don’t have to go to therapy to find out why I’m not writing. Yay!

Oh, and you know how I was saying that the character needed to come out. Well he did, er, she did. Yep, my commander is a woman! Bad assery will commence!

But that does explain why he, or she, wouldn’t make an appearance. She hasn’t really talked to me, per se, but I know her history and what she looks like.


Now to pick one story and finish it. Do the first rewrite revision on the completed manuscript that has been waiting way too long, and work on some other stories when I get stuck/bored with the current WIP.

I still have novels and stories to probably last me for the rest of my life, all waiting to be written/finished/revised.

Life is good!

Read ya later!


so there’s this again

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I’m not writing again. Sure, I’m blogging a little and I still have the stories in my head, but I lost my motivation already.


I think I know why. I’m getting a critique on something, this Saturday, and I think my critical bitch is thinking why bother when you know you suck and its going to be proved when you get that short story critique.

Wow, I’m such a whiney punk. Geez, what do I want, someone to put it in writing that I’m a very good (or even great) writer and will write the books and sell them and write the other books and sell them and so forth and so on……

So there it is again. GAH!

In other news I have a character taking his time showing up in my Fernando story and he will be critical in the next few chapters so he’d better hurry the hell up. Geez!

I have major coup, a magical duel, and a really nasty spell that is going to do something really terrible to someone. I do NOT have all day waiting for someone to decide to give me his name and particulars.

Right now he is the commander and best friend to the late king. That’s all I got on him.

No name, no hair color, nada, zilch, and blech!

But I do have another great idea for the Grant story. I’ve been long handing some outlines for scenes and chapters so I guess I am writing somewhat. Just not the way I want to be writing. DAMMIT!

I guess I will find out, this Saturday, if my theory is correct or not. I’m anxious and excited, all at that same time, to see what this other professional writer thinks about my writing.


Read ya later!

ruh roh

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I may not have enough chapters for my Fernando story. I have written five, working on chapter six, and quickly, and very roughly, outlined the rest of the book.

All together I may have twenty chapters. Will that be enough, I wonder? Maybe if the chapters are long enough and good enough.

But the good news is that I have my second book of this series starting to show up. And my bad guy from the first book (the one I am working on now) will make a reappearance in the second book, even though she is supposed to be dead. PLOT TWIST!

I likey plot twists. Um, the ones I make, anyway. In other books they tend to aggravate me, in a good way, because I think I have the plot figured out and BAM! PLOT TWIST!

My plan right now is to just keep writing and maybe something will show up? You never know with this writing thing. You just never know.

I wonder if I should give him a love interest? Not that he is interested in the opposite gender. Fernando is more asexual than anything. Kind of monkish without the religion bits.

I dunno, will have to see what happens. Half the time I don’t even know the story until I write it, which does make it more interesting I think.

I worked on my writer article yesterday but I didn’t want to move around a lot like yesterday and lose word counts. I only have 392 typed new words, but I outlined a lot on a legal pad so I am going to count that as writing.

Like they said at the Midwest Writers Workshop thinking, writing notes, outlines, and research count as part of the writing, too. And the more I have the story clearer in my mind and in my notes/outlines the faster I can get it written.

I was going nowhere fast. Now that I have most of it outlined/noted it feels better complete. Oh, yeah, I know I have a lot of work ahead but at least I know where the story is going.

The second book will be tricky. A completely different world and peoples which have not shown themselves to me yet. Oh, but they will, yes they will. They always do!

Read ya later!

so anyways….

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I was trying to put book one in a beta document…all chapters in one document, because the chapters were all separate. I like to do that because when I go back to do revisions and rewrites the manuscript is already set up for sending to editor/agent/publisher and I won’t have to redo the whole thing at the moment. Just pop it onto an email, drop in the snail mail, or whatever.

But there is a big problem. While I have a lot of the hard copies I do not have the soft copies to some of the chapters. There are a couple that will be combined into one.

Yeah, this is going to have to be a weekend writing moment just for that one book. Oi!

So I can either work on a chapter or write that article now that I have my information gathered. Oh, and I am no longer going to count blog posts or Facebook ramblings as work count. I’m a good writer and good writers don’t do that.

Matt Clemens says I’m a good writer so I’m going with that. If the rest of you don’t agree, not my problem.

Word count counts only as new words being written on a writing project. End of story!

Wait, no not the end of the story….just using the phrase “end of story”. Too cute? Well, I tried.

On to something that will not take a million years to put together. But I have to have something complete by next year for the Midwest Writers Workshop. I was always excited when I could go in the past but now I’m really excited. There was just sooo much this year. And so well organized, even when some big shots at the college needed to use the rooms for a meeting or some such nonsense, and we scrambled trying to find places to move sessions into. Didn’t do too bad either, I thought.

Now to write to add to my word count of 785 so far, and get something ready for an editor, which I still have to find. Ah, but I have a list of editors that were at the workshop. And agents, too. Oooo..I haz new idea!

But I have nothing ready for that yet.

Write my writer article and send a query. They had a great session on how to become a regular contributor to websites and magazines and I took a lot of notes. And no, I am not going to tell you what the article is about. Only that it has something to do with being a writer and writing.

When it gets published, because it will, I will post the link to it in the blog and you can buy and read it yourself.

I also have a short story I want to shop around to some places once I use my new knowledge and clean it up till it shines so much it will blind you.

Read ya later!