I was off my writing for a couple of weeks because of a minor family emergency, but once the stress was gone (which was almost immediate) I was able to start writing notes and figuring out my chapter thirteen.

Yeah, I am going to add another initiation ritual to chapter thirteen. It only makes sense, actually. You’ll see when you read it, assuming it’s not cut during the first revision.

And I have been writing up character sheets, but I really need to be typing them up so I can create a better bible. Not that there’s anything wrong with my series bible now but when I go all professional on it I want a good series bible to show agents, editors, and producers.

You can find out how to write a good series bible here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKMhgqxTmjU&t=98s

A story bible/series bible, or what I call a book bible, is a notebook or binder full of everything about the book, or series. My books seem to be series so keeping track of who is who, and what is what, is essential to minimize inconsistencies. I have a not book full of written pieces of what is in the book. People, places, rules of the people or place, and everything else.

Another good place to get good advice on writing is http://bang2write.com/ They have lots of good information and the people are always willing to answer questions.

Basically, my schedule is behind in the book, but I am not worried about meeting my deadline. I was actually thinking I would finish the first draft by July 2020. Revisions completed by end of December 2020. Then find an editor and send it off by January 2021. I estimate I should have it published by the middle of 2021. Of course, this does not take into consideration of all those things that pop up.

As long as I keep writing I am good. I have one book published which meets my goal. Now to finish this book, get the pilot written, get the pitch written, and finish the series bible so it looks good enough to show off to potential agents.

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talk about details

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In one of my Facebook groups for writers the question was asked what are your writing goals for 2020 and just I put in what I said in my last blog post.


Then I was asked how I was going to make those goals?

Wait, what? By sitting butt in chair?

Nope, wrong answer, so I read some of the posts and saw what they were going for, so here are my goals in more detail.

Write one chapter a week. I have eleven chapters left to write (no, I am ignoring chapter twelve…it’s being a butt hole), so makes it eleven weeks to finish the first draft. Uh, assuming the story doesn’t change, AGAIN.

Eleven divided by four is two months and three weeks. Finish four chapters by end of January and the first draft will be finished by the end of March, give or take a day or two.

After the first draft is finished I am going to read the pilot script of the show that is similar to my story. 1) make notes. 2) decide how many chapters of my story for my TV pilot. I am thinking the first three chapters, maybe.

Read the pilot script beginning in April, begin first draft of my pilot scrip in May, and by end of June I should have the first draft of the pilot written.

I didn’t mention anything else in the Facebook group so they don’t know about so they don’t know I am thinking of making a movie from my short movie script. Let’s keep that between us, okay?

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2020 writing goals

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I don’t do resolutions because I think they are stupid, putting undo stress on yourself and set yourself up for failure. Yeah, like losing weight. LOL

But I do have writing goals for 2020.

1. finish the first draft of Night by the end of July 2020

2. write a TV pilot for Night before the end of 2020

3. create the film for my short script.

I’m not really worried about one. I think I can get that one completed. And two shouldn’t be that hard once I outline the story before I write the script. I may combine chapter one and two, maybe three, of the book into one TV script. I haven’t decided. But at least begin the outline sometime soon after I finish my first draft.

Now the movie may be trickier because of my social anxiety. That’s what stopped me from starting it this year. Just couldn’t do it. But maybe 2020 will be my year.

I already have the script and the scenes. All I need are the people and the location, which I think I have the location, too.

It’s the people part which is going to make it tricky. I only need two actors but the camera people and costumes and food and people and stuff omg.

Yeah, that’s where the anxiety comes in.

But I have goals for 2020. If I finish number one I will consider it a win. Two and three are good but if I don’t make it then I don’t make it, for 2020. 2021 is a good year, too.

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chapter recap

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Yeah, chapter twelve got the axe. GAH! But I took what I wanted and put it in thirteen, the new twelve. Then I gave the axe to another chapter, that hadn’t been written yet, because I wasn’t feeling it. But I kept it for notes later on. Waste not, want not!

I was throwing wadded paper, up and thrown to the floor, screaming obscenities to the puter screen and to my chapter outlines, and all around feeling frustrated. Until….

Until I found a new chapter I had started and which will be integral to the book because without it there will be a mini black hole, er, a mini plot hole (same difference, actually, to a writer).

I screamed obscenities and then screamed without obscenities, today.

Am I proud of myself? What does that have to do with anything?

Don’t judge me!

Here is the recap….

Thirteen is now twelve, new chapter doesn’t have a number yet, and another chapter didn’t get torched, but was put back in my notes to be in another book in the series.

The writing is moving forward. Okay, not in a straight line, but as I can’t cut grass in a straight line I don’t care. The book is being written. yesss…

And people don’t hate the book I published. They may not love it but they don’t hate it. yesss……..now to see it on some bookstore shelf. The ultimate dream I have had for decades.

Read ya later!

I started working on thirteen. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because twelve is being very difficult and this close to be torched. I’m tired of frickin with it so I decided to work on other chapters and hope that twelve will work itself out.


I am still shook (shocked) by it. I’m not even trying, honestly. And no, I am still not making enough money off of the sales to even come close to the cost of publishing.

Was it worth it to self publish? Oh, yeah, for me it was…worth every penny. And I plan on continuing self publishing, unless something comes along to change my mind. The peace of mind knowing I have complete control over my book was well worth the money I paid out. I will find a better, and hopefully cheaper editor for my next book, but I will still use the same publisher. Maybe! I like the way they did my book, especially the exposure, but I want to check out other options.

And I still plan on writing a TV pilot and redoing my book bible so it makes some kind of sense. It is one hot mess.

But I had one review of my book and they didn’t hate it. Four stars! whoa

I didn’t publish my book for people, I published my book for me. But it’s still nice to know people don’t hate the book.

Wizard of Tar Almonie, the book I just published in July 2019, is a quick easy read and nothing fancy. I like the story and there is a lot more to the story that I haven’t finished writing about yet. The beginning book of the story explains a lot more of the story. And the last book will explain in more detail a part of what happened in Wizard of Tar Almonie, which is book two of the series.

I still have to work on another book that is in its second or third revision. I forget which revision (which is why I keep notes on it all) but it needs to be finished so I can publish it, too.

I have enough material to probably last me forever. Thank the gods I have enough to write about. And this does not even count my short stories, some of which were bought and published.

I like this writing thing, most of the time. When the chapters or characters don’t fight with me, anyway.

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why do I do this to myself?

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Writing is like an emotional roller coaster ride.

Exciting and thrilling when the writing moves the way I want it to and the words flow effortslessly. I’m on top of the world and everything is great,

But then one day the words flow like sludge, thick and slow stopping on occasion, and feel forced. I don’t even believe in the story and it’s my story!

Why do I put myself through this much stress? GAH!

I’m hating the book right now. Okay, not hating, but I am definitely not happy with it right now.

this about says how I feel about the book right now.

I was working on twelve, after figuring out my chapter order, fleshing them out, blah blah blah, but twelve is sucking. It’s jilted, feeling forced, I feel like I am skipping important parts to the plot, and stuff.

Maybe I should just forget twelve and write another chapter that would be fun. Or scrap twelve altogether and do a chapter reorder. I dunno! :/

I want the first draft finished by the end of July 2020. And at the rate this is going that ain’t gonna happen.

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filling in the blanks

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Now that I started chapter twelve, after rearranging the order of the chapters, I am filling in the blanks. I am fleshing out the outlines, that only had an idea, with the plot of that chapter. Each chapter has a beginning, middle, and an end. That’s just the way I do it.

I have also discovered I want to add another species in this book. There will be a book two, one day, with more species and stuff, but this species decided to show up and be in book one. *sigh*

Funny, I thought I was the writer. Silly me!

But I do feel better knowing my story will make a more, logical, sense of the occurrences instead of just being all over the place. Yeah, I know I write fantasy fiction, but you still have to have some kind or order or chaos reigns.

The whole thing of human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

Not happening on my watch, nope! Not that I have anything about dogs and cats living together…hey if that works for you, go for it.

But now I have a plan.

Yesterday I worked on some of the chapters, getting info off the internet, mapping out the chapters and so forth. I actually worked hard, too. Had to take a nap, I was that mentally tired.

To recap, twelve figured out, chapters getting outlined, and I feel better about the whole thing now. And I hope to have this draft finished by the end of July 2020. I am, almost, half way through once twelve gets done.


Read ya later!