yeah, never mind

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In my last post I stated that maybe I was writing again because of a herbal supplement.


yeah, never mind.

The only way, besides manic intervention by something I don’t understand yet, I write new words is making me sit butt in chair and fricking write!

Oh, the stories are always there, clawing at the back of my mind, trying to get my attention like some attention getting whores. They won’t, and don’t, leave me alone until I, at least, write something about them.

Be it a few words pencil scratched on a bit of paper, or an actual typing on the POC in a word doc, the damn things won’t leave me alone.

No, I don’t know what the manic writing thing is about, yet, but it feels like someone injected some inspiration in my ass to energize me and I feverishly write until the moment passes. Now if that would happen all the time that would be great, but it doesn’t, its very sporadic.

So I have to make me sit butt in chair and write.

Same with blogging.


I don’t know how other writers can write so much at one time. Even the ones who have day jobs like I do. I dunno!

But when I retire in FIVE YEARS PRECIOUS I plan on writing more regular like, and garden more regular like, take at least a trip outside the US every few years, take trips inside the US every year, and whole bunch of other stuff.

I have put some of my workings on Google docs, Wattpad, and notes on my phone, so it’s not like I don’t have the ability to write anywhere. GAH

I will be looking for a freelance writing gig in a few years to supplement my retirement income….FIVE MORE YEARS PRECIOUS….and will be publishing a book in the next few years if not sooner.

I’m only at the first draft stage on one book (need some good editing drafts) and finishing up the first draft of the present WIP so I can then focus on my next WIP.

And this does not count the short stories, one of which my beta reader is looking at and I hope to sell…eventually.

I don’t support myself as a writer so that may be why I seem to be apathetic with my writing. I dunno, still working on that.

The supplements have no effect on my writing. In fact, they seem not to have much effect on me even though I know that the herbs in them are good for me.


I dunno!

Read ya later!



Yeah, I’m writing again and I don’t know turned it all around. I wrote over 700 words yesterday. Okay, so they were in two different scenes, at the same time, in chapter fifteen, but I’M WRITING AGAIN….

Maybe it’s the new herbal supplement I started taking? After I take it I feel better, my mood shifts. It’s an all natural herb and some I already know about and the others I looked up in my herbal books. It’s can’t be a bad thing unless you’re allergic to any of the herbs. All the herbs in the supplement are good for the body, nervous and digestive system, and brain power.

I started writing, spontaneously, after I started taking the supplement. I dunno, but its the only reason I can think of because I haven’t written for weeks. Sure, I put some stuff on Wattpad to work on and even included some notes so I could work on something anywhere I was with my iPhone or iPad. I wouldn’t have to carry around a backpack or briefcase full of writing materials (which is  what my father always did and that freaks me out).

And that idea did work but I still wasn’t writing. I would look at my notes and look at the chapters but nada. Not one new word was written.

But now I am writing….and the only thing I can think of is the herbal supplement.

I realize that anyone reading this blog will think Imma nut case, if they haven’t already, but guess what??? I don’t care.



Read ya later!


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This draft is being really annoying, seriously. I can’t get past the battle and move on to finish the stupid thing.

It’s not like I need to publish it or anything, or that anyone ever has to see it EVER, but I want the first draft finished and I want it finished now.

Maybe I should just write nonsense and see what happens. I keep thinking about it, and I do have some of the chapter written, but it’s all a mess and a mish mash of thoughts. But that may just be the way this chapter will be in the first draft. Damn good thing first drafts are expected to be crap because this sure is.

And I have already shelved one book, I don’t want to shelve another. Book two is such a mess, even though the first draft is finished, that it will take a long time to clean up. I don’t want another book ending up the same way.

I guess I should just write something. I thought that if I wrote notes on the military (they are getting ready to go to war) that it might stir up something but nope. All I can think of are hippogriffs flying over the enemy army with gnomes who are throwing big, well big for a gnome, rocks at the enemy. They do have pretty good aim and can knock a man out with one blow. And the hippogriffs could grab a few people and toss them around.

But then I want the centaurs to come in and of course the good guy’s army with all their parts (which is why I was making notes on the military so I would know who did what and how many) but I don’t know what to do with all of that and it’s annoying.


I just might have to just sit down in front of the puter and type and see what happens. Right? GAH

I want this first draft finished and I have until July 15 (yes, I did move the completion date up a month) to get it finished. I am taking a week off in the second week of July but I wanted to get it done before that because there are other things I want to do my time off.

This is really annoying!

Read ya later!


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I have decided to extend the date of my finished first draft to July 15th. I can’t stop writing so I might as well as write. But it doesn’t mean I have to submit it or publish.

But they all must be good enough for me to read, which means I’m shelving book two for now. It needs a lot of work and I want to move forward. Book one I’m going to put on Wattpad one piece at a time. I will be able to write on it anywhere. I will have to put what chapters I do have in draft form….oooooo…on Wattpad. Yes, that will work.

And finish the first draft of Fernando, then move on to Night. I had a brilliant idea to make one of the MC gay, in Night. I don’t know why I never thought of that before but it will be more interesting, I think. She will even get a girlfriend.

And if I publish I may self publish. I’m not really sure I want to go through someone’s paces and still end up doing most of the work. Becoming a well known writer and supporting myself with my stories would be cool but anymore it’s not that important to me. I just want to see one book out there, somewhere. At this point it’s not about the money. But it still has to be good enough for me to read.

There, updates. Now I have to continue to work but I need to stop stressing. And don’t send anything to an editor until it looks pretty damn good. And I can get my friend who read book two to read chapters one at a time and give me ideas on what needs fixing. Then send to an editor, and find a book cover artist, and then find a publishing platform.

Once I retire I will be able to write more. I may even get a writing gig, if I need the cash, or just for traveling money. Oooo…yeah.

Read ya later!

Dracernian: The Summons

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I did it. I put part of a novel I have been working on. It’s out there is all it’s glory, for good or for bad.

You can find it here:

It’s only the first chapter and this is a second draft so I know it needs a lot of work. But I wanted the world to see my child.

I hope, one day, to see my beauties fly on the movie screen. They are awesome to watch!

And I’m pretty sure my first book, of whatever story I decide to publish first, by self publishing. No, I don’t know the first thing about self publish but I figure I can sure as heck learn.

So this is good news and um, good news.

NO, the other chapter it STILL not finished. Leave me alone!

but I am writing so I’m happy with that….

Still want to finish that first draft but ya know…..

Read ya later!


Yeah, still not writing…I thought I could give it up. Go cold turkey and just STOP…but it don’t work that way.

I wonder if there is a support group…writers anonymous? WA?

What would those twelve steps be like, I wonder? Maybe I should write them just for fun? Oooo…I like that idea.

But I have decided that since I can’t stop writing I’m just gonna write for me. Finish my first drafts, maybe get a writing gig (to hedge my retirement later), and just work on my stories until they shine. Then I might, MIGHT, let someone read one of them.

Whether I publish them or not is another topic entirely…we will see. But I might have a new pen name…assuming I publish.

I am glad I sent that draft off to an editor, but I thought I was a better writer than the editor said I was…not that they said I sucked….just that I needed to work at it more. Read it out loud and a some other things. And it was only the second draft, not polished at all…

So wah wah wah and blah blah blah…get over yourself already, inner writer. You are bringing the rest of us down. And the next time I set a suspense date for a finish you will not be told.

Writer’s block….hello darkness, my old friend.

I will be back to writing…Grant and Agatha want to kill more things and I won’t write their story until I finish Fernando’s story.

There you have the updates to my, uh, updates. I will continue to write.

Whether I will call myself a writer, well, that’s a whole different matter.

Read ya later!

P.S. I seem to be doing this ….. a lot more. Now I have this …. and this ! WTH?

haven’t written but….

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I haven’t written since I decided to not be a writer but…

I know how the battle is going to go…and I renamed the commander….


Even when I quit writing I don’t get a break from writing. WTF?


In other news….there is no other news…. except I’m watching my neighbor’s cats for her while she is gone and she paid me this time. Hey, I don’t refuse money…you say you will pay me, sure, okay by me. And it’s not even hard…

I get my kitty on, which I really needed today because it was a rough day, and make some extra cash. Um, assuming the check doesn’t bounce LOL

Wait, do I have to claim it on my taxes now? whoooaaaahhhh…

No, wait, I think it has to be a certain amount and this isn’t. Whew!

But I could open a doggie day care in my home when I retire…maybe. I dunno if I want to be confined to my house, or their house, watching other people’s animals. Would be more fun than watching kids, though. But I shouldn’t have to work once I retire unless I really wanted to…and I want to travel.

But my friend, hello darkness, is still with me. I may have to charge it rent if this keeps up. Geez!