new chapter (among other things)

Posted: October 24, 2022 in Uncategorized

I decided I wanted to add a new chapter to the book I just finished. I realized that in reading the chapter before, the place the new chapter will be, it doesn’t make sense to me.

I have a rough idea plotted out, so all is flesh it out and then add it to the book, renumbering the chapters I already have in the book. It’s not like this is the first time I added a chapter. Of course, that messed up my formatting but not a biggie.

And I am still in the revision stage of this book.

Now to get them hunting the rogues. But Agatha will not let them be killed so it’s going to get interesting when the angels find out. And Grant will be pissy about it because they won’t get paid.

But who is going to mess with a witch who is very magic strong and has an attitude problem? lo

I haven’t decided where she will be putting the rogues once she catches them but she has a lot of experience so I think she will figure it out.

Other than that, my scifi story still sits. I can’t decide on the name of the planet. And there are so many other stories that are part of the background that I think I am over thinking it. Probably am overthinking it.

maybe just write the part where the humans from the earth solar system meet the others? Yeah, I might do that. And then I can flesh out the rest of the worlds that belong to the story a little at a time.

wow, I think I figured it all out. yessss….

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the ebook

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Yeah, nah, I decided not to write the e-book. Not that I don’t have anything for it, I have plenty. But I can’t get excited about it, so nope. If I can’t get excited about something, then I’m not writing it. At least for now!

I did finish my second (third?) revision of Night, but I’m leaving it alone for now. And I printed off a hard copy of it to read later. I like hard copies, shut up!

I plan on publishing it next year, 2023, but it still needs work and then sent to the editor, then revised, cover art done, then published. Sometime in 2023 my second book will be out and about. yay me!

So, instead of working on the e-book I am going to work on the new sci fi story and my story bible for the book. That will keep me plenty busy.

I already have a very rough plot draft for the sci fi and I have been working on the bible. hmmm…I need to work on the novel synopsis, too.

That’s the plan for now. Work on the story bible and the sci fi. I also have old stories to put on my patreon page, not that I have been promoting it or anything. Not yet!

I feel like I am waiting, and I think I am waiting for my full retirement age, which will be in April 2023. that’s when I can make money without losing any retirement monies. right now, if I have any working related earnings, I will lose some retirement monies. Stupid right? But them’s the rules

But after April 2023 I will begin my quest! yesss….my quest to create my own brand and stuff. Lots of stuff!

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I’m revising away all of a sudden it occurs to my writer that we don’t know what kind of witches we have in the story. I already wrote up the courts and councils and where witches come from but there is not one thing about the powers they have or what kind of witches there are. Wait, what

GAH um, again

I researched a lot of things on the net and got some ideas, now to incorporate the info into something I can use.

At least I now know why Agatha can’t go to Scotland, AND I have a brand new, really cool spell/curse. yay me!

I am writing/revising, just not on the puter. And my friend, who reads for me, is really busy now so I can take my time to get this draft finished before I give her a copy of the manuscript.

Then, when she gives me her notes and thoughts, I can see what needs rewriting and then send to an editor.

I estimate I should have this book published by next spring? maybe early summer? If not sooner.

I still need to get the editor and a book cover design but fortunately Bookbaby has it all so I can work with them.

Okay, off to figure out my witches and get it incorporated in my witch notes. I already have the witch notes typed up for my bible and will need to revise them once I get it all figured out.

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almost done

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I have two chapters left to revise then off to my beta reader, one of my best friends. When she has time…

Then to an editor at my publisher and then getting it published.

Exciting time, BUT

Then what will I write? wow

I have numerous projects so it’s not a question of if I will write but what will I write. I really need to finish the e-book so maybe that project.

And should I keep the stories up on my Patreon site or take them down when I put a new one up? I have no idea.



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I am on chapter 15 of the book on the second revisions. That means I only have five more chapters and this round of revisions is done.

Then put it aside for a bit to work on something else before I take it out again to do round three. Hopefully it will be ready for an editor, if I work harder next go round, by December.

I really want this book published by some time next year, and I already have ideas for the second book in this series. wow!

But I have my e-book to finish, the book bible for the current WIP to finish, and some other shorts i need to work on. It’s not like I don’t have enough writing to do, it’s more like getting my butt to stay in chair. lol

So, almost finished with second revisions, have an e-book to finish, a couple of short stories to figure out and plot, and the old book that really needs a do over. It is one hot mess!

Got it? Cool!

And I’m probably leaving something out but them’s the breaks sometimes.

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science fiction…uh, what

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I don’t, usually, write science fiction. Yeah, I have couple of short stories out, but in general I write fantasy fiction.

However, this science fiction story has been bugging me like crazy. WTHeck?

So, of course, I have a very rough plot of the story and notes on it.

I know who, even though I am still fleshing out the who, and I know what, where, and even when. I actually know how, which is surprising because though I love reading about science fiction, but I am not a physicist, nor did I do well in science in school. BTW anyone know a physicist? I have lots of questions. hmmm where is that list?

But the story won’t leave me alone, so I am going to write it. Good or bad, it will be written. Some kind of way.

Thank the gods for Google ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’ve been getting my notes from that and wiki. Yeah, I know, but it’s all I have. I don’t know any scientist, or astrophysicists, or physicists, or sciencey people. I have to deal with what I have at hand.

I even had to come up with my own propulsion system with a made-up thingy. I’m not even sure it would be feasible but hey, what am I gonna do? ๐Ÿคจ

It’s a space kind of story so google it is. It will be written and submitted somewhere.

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revisions, yay (not really)

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In working on my revisions, I keep coming up with questions that I don’t have the answers. Like who was killed in chapter six. What was their name, etc.

Now I have decided to keep a cheat sheet in case I have to look it up and that will give me who, what, where, when, and by what all the victims were killed. I can go to that chapter and, Ooooo, paragraph (maybe) and find the answer quick.

Does this slow the revisions down? Yep, but I think it will be necessary in the future and will give me more information. I might have to have back story for the screen play later. You know, for the TV series?

There is a method to my madness…

In other news, I got rid of an old recliner in the living room and rearranged everything after I cleaned the room. I think I am finally getting to the organizing/cleaning part of my retirement.

Sybil still tries to get me back in the garage, but NOPE, still too hot. Get thee behind me, Sybill.

I do let her out in the closets, though. She’s great at purging and organizing. Fantastic, actually!

Now if I can only get Lorey, the writer, to stay out from under her bed. I can get a lot more writing completed that way.

But she is very stubborn and very prone to anxiety and suffers from imposter syndrome. A LOT!


Right now, I have her tied, figuratively to the chair, so I can get some revising done. Hmmm….I need to see if Sharon wants to come out and revise. She’s the editor so she should be working. Good idea, if I can find her.

But I am on chapter eleven of the book, now. And I will plow through the anxiety and get my second revisions done.

Read ya later!

I had to force myself to sit butt in chair, but I am back at it.

Working on chapter ten at the moment and it was a big mess. Lacked continuity, for one thing, and then sentences would contradict each other. WTF??

But I think I figured it out even if I became distracted on what the house looked like on the inside and who was where and what was what.

Still working on the chapter even if I went online to research stuff. But I found out that there is an FBI office not far from where I live. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Not sure why I was surprised, they have to be somewhere, and I’m not wanted for anything that I am aware of, um, that I know of anyway. I just never thought about where they were before. lol

But I have to get names for contacts in the FBI, the police department and the state police. I have the regular police, well…homicide detective names, but I need names for the other ones.

And since this is chapter ten, I am halfway through this second revision. yesssss….

Then I can put it aside and work on another project. I have at least four other writing projects waiting for me, a couple of things non writing related, and other things I need to do.

No rest for the retired, eh?

Oh, and I started a Patreon page. Figure I will put a chapter a month on it for the patrons when I get them. At least until I publish the book next year.

Busy, busy….

Read ya later!

Do I really need to be more active in social media? I’d rather just be home writing, napping, binge watching movies and shows (while napping? is that even possible?), and finish the revisions on the book I want to publish next.

Speaking of revisions…

I found out I am actually on my second round of revisions, not my first. Whaaatttt?

Yes, I had revised it the first time by adding a chapter and changing the chapter orders a little. That is a revision. Shut up!

Now I am on my second round of revisions and on chapter ten of my twenty-chapter manuscript. That means I am halfway through the second round! Yessss!

But I have a new sci-fi (I don’t write sci-fi usually) story, but it showed up and demanded attention. And I mean DEMANDED attention. Sheesh!

I had three writing projects going on, not to long ago. Information for a board game my buddy needed. I researched everything and sent him a lot of information. And I had to revise a thing for my HOA, I’m on the board again. GAH! I am also looking over our by-laws and other documents, because they are so outdated, just for kicks. but I managed to do all three so I think I can handle these projects even if I whine a little (a lot) about them.

So, having more than one project going at a time is not new. And don’t forget the website I update at least once a month with new things for the writing group.

Right now, I have the revisions, the book bible (I have to find out what color my demon blood is now), and the new short sci-fi. I still have two fantasy shorts to finish, also.

And I found a short story I had forgotten about that needs finishing. I panicked and scrambled trying to find notes on it, but I did so it’s all good.

But do I need to be more active on social media? I have no idea! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Read ya later!

no comparisons

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I was in a ZOOM meeting with my writing group, and we had a speaker talking about writer exercises and taking care of yourself as a writer.

Well, I was confused for a bit, but it finally occurred to me that some of the other writers must write all the time and even write professionally. However, I do not. I write when I want to. So, they would need the exercises and other things.

Do I write as much as I would like? No. Do I want to write more? Yes. Does my writing support me? No, I am not a “professional writer”. I am a writer, yes, even have a book published that made some money. But I don’t have a job writing, nor do I write enough books to make any kind of money. I’ve been paid for some short stories, here and there, over the years but not enough to call myself a professional writer.

I do not need the stuff they talked about in the meeting, but you can be sure I took notes. I even participated in some questions and answers. It was a good meeting!

And it comes down to what we all want. And we can’t compare ourselves to other writers, or even other people.

I made my main goal. To write a book, publish a book, see my book on a shelf in a brick-and-mortar bookstore, see my book on the internet (when I first made my writing goal there wasn’t an internet, but hey) and sell my book.

Will I publish more books? Yes!

But I am not going to compare myself to other writers. I do me and only me. And I support anyone who does them. Always be you, is my motto!

So, never compare yourself to anyone else, or to their life, or their goals. You do you! No comparisons!

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