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My fat eye nerve might actually be something.  I’m not offended that the first eye doctor called it that now. No, now I’m afraid I will lose my eyesight.

A few weeks ago I finally went to the eye doctor to get new eyeglasses.  The new eye doctor (I had to change docs because I had to change insurances) took a look at my eyes and that’s when she said I had fat eye nerves.  She set me up an appointment to see another doc. That was yesterday.

I did not know they would actually touch my eye. THEY.TOUCHED.MY.EYE! Fortunately, the first eye drops were for numbing, which they didn’t tell me until afterwards. Then they tested my eyes by TOUCHING THEM! EWWW!

I’ve had an eye headache all day.

Anyway, they put other drops in to dilate them and then took pictures of them. EWWWW eyes are ooky to see.

The doctor took a look and was really surprised how big my nerve was…he showed me by a eye model thingy how much bigger my nerve is than it should be.

He also said that though my pressure and cornea tests came back normal he was still worried I had signs of glaucoma.


Worst case scenario is that I could go blind. BLIND! OMG, BLIND!

The only good thing I got out of the whole thing is that I could save my sight by drops and I can’t die from it. Um, unless I do go blind and then walk out in front of a bus or something. The doctor didn’t say that, my crazy imagination came up with that on its own.

So, I may or may not have glacouma, if I do I won’t die, and drops/surgery may save my sight.

I’m calm on the outside (thank you klonopin), but on the inside I’m running around like a crazy person freaking out!



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