Quick Catch Up

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

The washing machine is fixed but then the dryer went out. Wouldn’t spin at all. So I BOUGHT a new one. I was not going to waste a good melt down on a machine. Again.

Then the air conditioner broke but my air guy fixed it. yay air guy.

Now I’m revising my novel, and no, you will not see it here. I may post bits and pieces, but I’m keeping it out of the public’s eye until I get an agent. So there.

I did submit a short story to an e-zine and they will be publising it in their 50th issue. woohoo

That story started with one line:

Awakened by the words it opened its eyes and listened.

That became a story of 2000 something words and I submitted it as a fantasy. They sent me an email and said that after editing they are going to put it in as a horror. I wasn’t aware I wrote horror. LOL

The cat is still alive. For now. And this past weekend I stayed with my girlfriend to teach my dog to use her doggie door. She has a privacy fence and if my dog can go in and out by herself then she can stay over there when we travel. woohoo. She was doing pretty good too, but we’ll need more weekends to make sure. We have a girls vacay coming up in October and it will save me a lot of money if the dog stays there. Keep your fingers crossed.

In other news, I’m writing more often and hope to get in a schedule soon. I’m seriously putting the mag together now, and they are finally sending me things to update the website.

And when I get the money I’m getting two trees in the front yard cut down and taken away. One is dying and the other one is sick. I hate to cut down trees but the yard and street will look a lot better.

That’s it for now. Keep writing!

P.S. this is my new writing blog. I’m going to get rid of the stupid one on my website and use this one instead. Ta!


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