Chapter One: The Summons

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I may actually be done with the first chapter. O.M.G.


Um, at least for now. This is the FIRST revision after all, but I had over 4000 words, close to 5000. I’ll know more when I go back for the second revision.

Ooooo….I am so excited. Okay, not that much excited. I  got out everything I had on my novel so I could start on chapter two and what a mess. I had filed everything, but what I had on chapter one, away. I wanted to work only on one chapter at a time. Or, because I know me, I would be bouncing from one chapter to the next. Pretty much when I was writing the first draft. *sigh*

But at least I am writing and I have this blog on the website, which people can’t see unless they go to it directly, because you know, puters are stupid. There, I said it. Puters are stupid. *arms crossed* I don’t care. The damn things are a pain in my arse. *sigh*


I was looking through what I had on my novel, working title Theresa ,even though I do have a title, *ahem*, and realized I had a lot of duplicates. I wonder what my flash drive looks like? I’ll have to check that out this weekend. I have a writer thing tonight and I’m at work right now waiting for them to put some files out there *waves hand* where ever they put them out where ever. Once they do then I can do what I gotta do. Until then I’m blogging and reading chapter two. Um, once I’m sure chapter two is actually chapter two.

I didn’t really organise too much in the first draft. For one thing I had started the novel years ago and just picked it up again recently. And being easily distracted things are a mess. But I might have it it some kind of order. Maybe.

So, to cap it all off….first revision of first chapter may or may not be done. I have a blog on my website that works, um, for most people. And I’m starting on revising chapter two. Um, if I decide it really is chapter two.

Ooooo….wait til you see the birtday chapter. Really cool! But that’s a long way away yet. And I have the second book in the series kind of drafted out from when I was at the conference.

I feel so writery. Read you later!


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