Chapter Two….no name yet

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

I went to the meet up with the writer group last night and started looking at chapter two and realized something right off. First of all, what was on the computer and the flash drive was not complete (thank god I keep hard copies) and secondly, that what I had written so many years ago was so different from where I wanted the chapter to go now. So, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing that the chapter was not complete on the puter.

I decided to combine two of the chapters to make chapter two, if that makes any sense at all. If it doesn’t make sense don’t worry. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but in my head all is as clear as mud. I know what I wanted to say, but reading back what I said doesn’t make sense to me.  *shrugs* Part of my charm I think. *grins*

I started a new short last night based on a prompt and it was flowing so nicely I couldn’t even believe it. Does this mean I need to have those very same six people around me when I want to write? Hmmm…..I think there’s a law about keeping people. And I don’t have a dungeon, er, basement in this house. Wait, I’d end up having to clean their poo up and feed them. Never mind, bad idea!

Basically, I have a chapter two that I started to revise and I’m going to combine this other chapter with it, and I started a short horror story that I will submit somewhere.

I think that’s it….ooooo and I received the last article I needed for the magazine so I can now finish that up and be ahead of my deadline. shhhh…don’t tell the chief editor that or he’ll want it now. *snicker*

Okay, gotta go, read ya later!


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