Another day, another day…not so much writing.

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I didn’t write today. There, I said it. Whew, am I glad that’s out in the open. HUGE load off my chest.

See, I been sick for three days *ack* and I just don’t have the strength *cough* to write. *achoo* But I have been thinking of *acksputter* writing,

And I added a new photo to my blog and I’ve managed to tweet the tweets I was supposed to tweet, and I read the emails and Facebook thingys keeping up with the world, and I managed to get to all the sites I need to get to, I just didn’t write.

Actually, on the short story I’ve come up with another approach, and I’m definitely going horror with this one. Oh yeah, going to let my blood rage out and make a mess. Dead bodies lying everywhere, blood spilled so deep you need boots, cats and dogs living together…yep it’s going to be something.

I couldn’t write at work. I’m training two people, had a bunch of small fires to put out, and now the new chief knows who I am and I think he threatened me with the supervisor job. *sigh* I just didn’t have time to write. I did however get two new topics for speeches during my speech class.

One is going to be on snakes and how awesome they really are, and the other is going to be about cougars. No, no, not mountain lion cougar…older woman with younger man cougar. I, um, happen to know a lot about both topics.

As you can see that although I didn’t write on the novel I did think a LOT about writing.

Oooooo…..and today I also…made the decision to…wait for it….

Make a goal and that goal is to be published in 5 years. Maybe sooner, but published none the less. Not on line published or self published. I mean actual, you gotta go to Amazon, or where ever, and buy my book, published.

There, I’ve said it, set the deadline, and it’s out in the universe for all to see. In the year of…*counts on fingers*…2016 I will have a book published.  Yay me! And go to my About me page. I put a pic on there of me. Told you I was gorgeous!

Read ya later!


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