549 new and old words yay

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I wrote new words today. Um, and some old ones. Okay, I caught myself editing the words I did yesterday.  Bad Red, bad Red! I’ll never get the book finished like that. And I didn’t count  the old words in my word count. So there..ppffftttt

I have been blogging every day so far. I think. hmm…well if I haven’t then it’s been real close. And I’ve been tweeting a lot too. And I actually have some people, 10, who like my fan page on Facebook. Why do I have a fan page on Facebook you ask? Because I can, damn you. *snort*

No, the fan page is only about writing. And will be used to keep everyone, all 10 of them, abreast of my writing and publishing life. And don’t forget my new rule. I will be published in 2016. Somehow, but I have to keep writing the book and not let anyone, friend or family, get in my way.

Yeah, I know, I need to spread my awesomeness around to the ones who adore me, but come on, I have to write. Once I get the first book written then I can slow down and eat the roses. Er, smell the roses.

Oh, I’m pretty sure I’ll have deadlines, but the main thing is that I will have a writing schedule down pat just like all my favorite authors. Ooo…one day I’m going to be an author. How exciting is that? OMG

I also created a new rule, which is really ironic because I hate rules, that I will not read the first revision chapters until I am done with the first revision. Then I think I will read the first revision all the way through making notes and a game plan for the second revision.

Rinse, repeat.

After the second revision is completed then I’m looking for some lucky agent to work with to get my book published. Then maybe they can tell what genre it is. I know it’s urban fantasy, but is it YA urban fantasy or really an urban horror just letting me think it’s a fantasy?

See, I’m going to need the big guns then. And Friday night I think I’m meeting my writing group again. I have to check. I missed the last meeting because of the plague and I haven’t critiqued anyone. I need to get back to that.

Oh, and my next speech needs practicing. I could be speaking at any time. Oh, the horror of it all!

Read ya later!


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