the story so far…ah yes, there’s always a story

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I resigned my post as editor of the paranormal magazine. I’ll cite editorial content conflicts, but if you want the real skinny on it then send me an email. It’s good, real good.

So now I have that load off of me. And I’ve written nothing new…..

Oh, I had laptop problems, the one I’ve been using to write my novel on? Yeah, that one. Well, it kept acting up and I was afraid I was going to lose chapter two. I.KNOW.

To make matters worse…I didn’t have chapter two backed up. I.KNOW.

The gods of writing were with me however and I was able to get chapter two off the puter and on the storage/flashdrive/thingy/whatsit. Whew, I almost pissed my pants when I realized that all new changes and additions were on the DESKTOP of the soon to be crashing laptop. OMG!

But I got it on the flashdrivethingywhatsit and my bestest friend told me how to do something to check something to see if something was bad. Can you tell I am NOT a puter person? Bet I can shoot the damn thing, though. LOL

I am now blogging on the laptop and it’s working fine. Um, for now. lol

And I can get back to writing my novel. I keep getting sidetracked by paranormal investigating, speeches, and articles. I need to be writing my book damnit!

I need to research for my next article, too. Oh crap, there I went and did it again. Sidetracked. *sigh*


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