updates….again…yeah I know, but you gotta have them

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I finished my second article and uploaded it. I really need to go back in and fix the hyperlink, but I’m lazy so that probably won’t happen. It came out okay, I guess, but I’m my own worst critic. Doncha know?

I worked on the novel a bit, finally, yesterday. Really didn’t get much done, but I have to retype this whole scene. Seems I only have a hard copy of the thing so I can’t just copy and paste it. Just as well, because I’m rewriting while I’m retyping. Ideas keep popping up. Now normally I wouldn’t allow this to happen at this point, but since I had to retype it anyway what the hell? You know? It’s not like I have a wrting manual or something.

Wwaaaaaaaaitaminute…*thinks about all those writer books in the office gathering dust*

Oooo…did you like that wait a minute bit? I saw that somewhere and loved it. I just had to use it. Looks cool. Doncha think?

Facebook is a time suck for me. *sigh* and I easily distract myself. Yes, I am taking the rap for it and owning up to my own shortcomings. I thought I wasn’t listening to that “I suck” voice. Maybe I’m listening to a new voice. Like “it’s too hard” or “too much like work” voice in my head. Just what I fricking don’ t need. *sigh*

And I keep thinking of quitting Toastmasters. It does take time away from the novel, but then so does family, work, and a life. I do have a life….minute as it may seem to some lives, but it’s there and it’s mine. Do I want to give that up for a novel that may never sell and make me the successful and rich writer that I want to be? Damn good question and one I will have to think about. Um, eventually.

Toastmasters is writing and creative writing at that. I need the writing, looks good on the resume, and it will help me farther down the road.

Ooooo…I wrote something almost poetic. I.KNOW! I am NOT a poet, but this was kind of wistful and poeticy in a non poem way.

I called it crossroads or something. I’ll have to post it here sometime when I think about it.

Okay, I’m outta here. Read ya later!


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