chapter two changes

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

As you know, my dedicated readers (yay I have two), I have been working on the first revision of the first draft. Remember my formula? First draft, first revision, second revision, then get agent? Anyway, while working on the second chaptger I realize that my race has changed from its first conception.

Yep, I’ve made some changes and instead of a Hogwarts kind of reality it may now have a Holllows kind of reality. We’ll see….I do know I think its more realistic, even if the species is a figment of my imagination, it makes more sense. Um, logically. Maybe. Um, yeah.

Even if I’m sticking with the same story the details have changed. I’ve added more to the history of my people and added populations to other parts of the world. Yep, my people live on Earth.

It’s proving to be challenging because of my sidetracky issues. Yeah, remember those? I’ll be writing and then I realize a detail is not the same as it was when I wrote the first draft. I wonder if other writers have this happen? hmmm…

Anyway, this means that I have to go back to my notes and make the changes. I need to get them all in order so I can readily get to the information I need for whatever. Ya know?

So, I’m writing but getting sidetracked by changes. And I need to hurry up and finish the horror short story so I can submit it somewhere.

Ooooo…..I finally broke down and orderd the 2012 edition of Writers Market. I need it for my magazine articles. I’m trying to build a base up ready for retirement so I can have enough income to travel and write. I have 12-15 years to retire so I’m working on it now. Yep, I’m thunking ahead for a change. *grins*

And I’ve been researching my family tree. I think I may have found a lot of mom’s biological family. Very interesting!

Read ya later!


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