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Posted: October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

My story, The Deathless One, is up at The World of Myth. I did find a few boo boos, but overall I think it’s one of my better works. Of course I still think I could have done better, but I’m my own worst critic. And I think I may have a story in there that could be fleshed out. Maybe a prequel to the war where the thing was created and then when it happens in the story. I’m not going to say much more because it is a MUST read so I don’t want to spoil it for you. I will, however, say that the whatsit in the story will be fleshed out later. Er, well, so to speak. It doesn’t have flesh to flesh out so I…um, yeah.

In other news *sound of a teletypewriter* I gave my fifth speech today. It was on paranormal sign language. Oh, you would have to read it to understand that title, let me tell you. It’s not like hearing impaired people are running around as paranormal investigators. *blinks* I don’t think so anyway. How would they hear the things you can hear on an investigation?? Um, yeah…

I was surprised how many people do not watch the TV shows or have even been on an investigation. I know I’m unusual and rare, but seriously? And then one of the people wanted to start talking to me about angels and good and evil after the meeting was over. It told him that was a metaphysical discussion and not a paranormal discussion and left it at that. Alrighty then….

And I have a few other writing projects I won’t talk about here. You, dear reader, may not know all my secrets. I have to keep some to myself or I would lose my mysteriousness….um, ness. *blinks*

Now I need to work on my article for my column. Saturday a friend and I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and OMG if you ever get to Indianapolis you must go see….it’s awesome. For some reason I get particularly excited around modern art. I love the classics, yes, but modern art gets me real excited. All full of wonder and such. I don’t know why, but it’s so true.

I love Tara Donovan’s sculpture of Untitled (Mylar). A wonder….just amazing. I know you see the words mylar, hot glue, tape, and a steel armature, but if you ever saw this work of amazing art you would be awestruck, too. I’m going to write about the art museum and put that piece in it, hopefully with the pic. There was another piece of art that took my breath away and if I can find it I will probably mention it the article, too. Google her and look her up. She has an amazing eye and imagination.

I’m still working on the novel….the speech took time out and my other projects, but going to get back to it. There is so much going on in chapter two.

And my job is getting crazy. Or crazier….I’ll explain later when I find out something.

That is it for now. Read ya later!


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