speeches and third chapters

Posted: October 27, 2011 in writery things
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I started my speech and I would tell you about it but I don’t want to give it away. Once I give it I can post it here. Until then I want it to be not known.


It’s about changes and how we deal with them. That is all I’m saying so stop asking.

In other writery news I finished chapter two. woohoo…um, but I looked at chapter three and it’s a big mess OMG. *sigh* This may take me some time. *sigh* Good thing I like to write, huh?

Over all I think my first revisions of chapters one and two are  much better than the first draft. The whole idea of revisions, right? I wrote more into them for one thing. More emotion and a lot more action. I do think that the last action scene in chapter two does need more work, but hey, that’s for my second revision. Right?

I’m done with The Deathless One for now. I do see another book in that story so that’s a future project. Good idea, eh? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Oh, and that speech I was worried about in my last blog? Well, I’m almost finished with the first draft and I think I know where my vocal variety is going to be through out the whole thing. See how I started this blog about it?

I’ll keep you posted. Initially I was going to do it on raising teenagers, but this idea popped in my head so I went with it. I’m learning to listen to that instinct instead of going my own way. Works better that way for one thing. *winks*

And I finished another writing project, I think, but I had to send it to work to print it off. I’ve run out of ink for my printer here. I ordered some (yes I know I’m lazy, I embrace my laziness) and it’s going to take a few days. I need this printed off for this weekend. And no, do not ask because I will not tell you what it’s about. Let’s just say it’s NUNYA!

So there! Ha, didn’t see that coming did you? *snort*

In other news I may be going to an art showing the first week of November and I’m going to write it up for my examiner article thingy. I know this is not going to make me a lot of money, if any, BUT it will get me used to finding, researching, and writing articles on a regular basis. Oh, and I love the arts! O.M.G. I love the arts!

And I figure if I do this article writing thing on a regular basis, gain some experience, then look for more places to send other articles. I even bought the Writer Market 2012 to look for some places. Oh, I’m not quitting my day job. I have way too many years into it to do that now, but I can make some money on the side and build up a writing business so when I do retire in 12-15 years I have the writer thing to fall back on. I can go anywhere and still write. Love IT!

This writing thing is for me, but live I’ve said before…even if I never published anything or sold anything I still would write if only for my own peace of mind. It is like a drug to me. I have to write. I don’t have a choice. BUT I adore it, hard work that it is…and I see my writing improving little by little. Wow!

Read ya later!


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