chapter three, or, what in all that is holy…..?

Posted: November 2, 2011 in writery things
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Chapter three is crap. Pure and simple crap and will have to be rewritten. OMG

In other dramas, seems some people on a writer’s forum I belong to have been thrown out for being rude and a pain in the whatsit. One of them was a psycho disguised as a writer. I don’t care what anyone said to her she would immediately verbally attack and get rude. Wow! What drama! But she has been removed, or so they say. Doesn’t matter to me, I ignored her anyway.

I am not published yet, or at least traditionally, but I do know that when I become published I will remain the same as I am now. Um, except I might suffer from sporadic jumping for glees, yelling ‘woohoo’ for no apparent reason, and walking around with a smile on my face. Er, but that would be it.

I have never understood people who think that now they are published they are so much better than anyone else and know everything there is to know about everything. I wonder what color is the grass in their world of denial? Or if they even have grass? It must be a nice place because they live there a lot.

I hate to tell you, well actually I love to tell you, that no one is better than anyone else. I don’t care who you think you are,  you are no better than anyone else.

But back to chapter three….ahem.

I started this novel YEARS ago. Yeah, it’s been that long.

And just recently, like the year before, I decided to take it up again and get published. Yeah, take my writing serious and get it done.  Unfortunately, I’ve lost a lot of the online files. They are either missing ( a flash drive has just up and disappeared), or the files were corrupt. I am most disgusted and unhappy! *sigh*

Fortunately I have a hard copy so all I have to do is RETYPE THE WHOLE DAMN THING! *sigh*

But as I am in the first revision stage I guess this is the best time to have this happen. Of course I realize that if I had been on it years ago it would probably be in print by now. C’est la vie!

So, the plan is an almost complete re write. That’s the plan. Um, yeah!

Read ya later!


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