The latest on my novel…

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

First of all I know I haven’t been here lately. Blame it on Facebook. Fine, blame it on my addiction to Facebook. *sigh*

Now that I am writing again I really need to come here at least once a week or more to update on my novel’s progress. Yeah, okay. *blank stare*

I finished chapter three…finally. Omg chapter three really had me freaked out there for a minute. I was even contemplting getting therapy. Seriously!

My antagonist is one sick puppy. Wow! All this blood and gore and torture came out and I wasn’t even trying. I literally threw my hands up and scooted back my chair. LITERALLY!

Yeah, I was that freaked out. And I wouldn’t go anywhere near chapter three for a few weeks. When I did I tried to get my bad guy to be a little more normal and not so narissisitcally sociopathic looney tunes, but it didn’t work. And then the erotica showed up. I’m no prude, but my novel is not supposed to be erotica. WTH??

I was so upset I even told my doctor that I thought, maybe, I should see someone. He just told me it’s my imagination and don’t worry about it. Okay, but if I start killing people it’s his fault, right?

So chapter three first revision is done, not happy with it, but it’s done. Maybe when I do the second revision then things will be more normal and I can clean it up. Good thing the killing happend on a stone floor because blood is hard to get out of carpet. Um, so I have been told, um, from somebody.

Oh, and I’m working on the first part of the short story I sent to The World of Myth magazine, which you can find here.

And I resigned from Examiner and took a leave of absence from Toastmasters. We’re working mandatory over time and I’m just too tired to write speeches, articles, and my novel. Unless of course I write an article that really interests me…then I can send to where ever….hmmmmm.

So now you know the latest and I’m going to try and keep this blog updated on the latest in my writing.

Read ya later!

  1. Loretta The Red says:

    I’ve taken the story off the blog…that is going to be a novel and I don’t want it out yet….sorry, but when the book comes out I will let y’all know. Cool?

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