Took the day off….seriously I have things to do.

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

I took the day off today and you can blame it on the boss. She was talking about finding a day to take off so she could get things done and I thought…hmmm, what a great idea.

Seriously folks, working 58 hours a week takes it out of you and where do I find time to write the novel and the short story? When I come home I usually crash for an hour and then get up and do the house work I was too tired to do the day before. And I can’t get any peace at work. As the team lead I get stopped all the time with questions from my techs. That is the main reason I don’t have a workload per se….I’m always doing reports and putting out fires. Do that and a full work load? That’s crazy talk! But when they took most of the techs for that project I had to re do the workload and take a chunk of it myself, which is good that we have mandatory overtime because I need those hours to get my work load done. Oooo it’s a vicious cycle!

Now the short story I mentioned yesterday….I did the ritual where the creature was created, now I need to do the part before the ritual when she talks to the King and he tells her that something has to be done or their people will be killed off by the marauding barbarians that they’re at war with now. So the solution is to create the creature (and I’m going to fit in gogs too) that will destroy their enemy.

Got it? Good.

And I looked at the chapters from my first draft on the novel. Um, not too good. I don’t think I have enough. I need to write a rough outline to get an idea of what happens when and where with whom. I think I started one so I need to dig it out and take a look at it. At least I have it all in one place now. jeez For someone who is slightly OCD I sure am disorganized.

Okay, I’m going to play onetwothree game, damn you Facebook, and then get on the writing.

Read ya later!

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