on vacation

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Don’t get too excited I’m not going anywhere. I have too many things around the house to do and the yard is a mess, especially the front. Bushes need to be pulled out and the area where they took out the trees is still a mess. Now if it would only quit raining.

Friends have suggested I pull the bushes out with my SUV…..I might try that just to see if it would work. And try not to hurt either the house or the truck. LOL I’ll keep you posted,

Now to begin cleaning and painting the laundry area. I have a dryer in my office at the moment and the washer is going to have to go in the bedroom. I should take a before and after picture. LOL

Chapter four needs looking into and I really need to finish the first draft of the story. I feel a book coming out of this one. But first things first, eh? Finish present novel before starting new novel.

Read ya later!


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