update on the short story

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

No, I’m not finished. Close, but not quite there. I have finished the convesation between the king and the witch queen however. All I need to do now is write the ending and I have a few ideas on how to end it.

When I am finished I am going to submit it to The World of Myth like I did the first time. Unfortunately they only take 3000 words. I have seen stories in there that have parts to them, but I think I’ll keep it simple for now. Simple for me that is. After working a 10 hour day I’m not exactly 100% running on all cylinders and I think one of them is misfiring. Probably my timing chain. *grins*

So I may just send the ritual part first and then the others bits later on. I don’t know yet and I still have to finish it so I can edit and clean it up well.

But I am writing. I have to force me to write, but I’m writing…sort of. I made myself sit down and write for a few on Sunday and let me tell you it was not easy. I whined and complained and got all pissy, but I stood my ground and made me write. Wow, I can get really cranky sometimes. I have no idea how I can live with myself. It’s amazing.

I am glad I made myself write. It felt good to write. Like I purged a lot of words out and got them on the puter. I actually felt good about it. I refused to talk to me for a few hours though. I mean, do I think I deserve to be treated like that? How dare I yell at me? Who do I think I am? sheesh

On the novel front not much going on. I am going to combine two old chapters together because it just makes sense to combine them. You’ll see when I publish the book and read my notes on it. I’ll be sure to point out how I combined and the reasoning behind it.

I think I covered everything so I’m outta here.

Read ya later!


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