submission….oh yeah

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I finished the short and sent it today. Yessssss….and the best part? Well, bsides the writing, editing, and submitting something…..? I have a ton more story. Oh no, this isn’t some little short story that’s eneded with nothing to go on with it…oh no there is way more to write on this thing. yesssss

And if they reject I will post it here. And if they accept it I will post it here two months later so you fine people will read a good story. That’s why I write. To create good stories. And to, um, quiet those characters in my head. Especially the one who keeps yelling. Oh wait, that one is mine. Ooppss, my bad.

But never fear reader, you will get a chance to see it here in black and what ever color the back ground is on this blog. It’s a good one, too. I especially like the rituals.

Read ya later!


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