updates on the novel…no, not that one…the other one

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I know it’s been a while since I posted. Now you know my secret, I suck. Not at blogging, not that. I’m just lazy and forgetful. But I’ll try and do better for you my reader. All four of you?

Okay, here’s the update on the novel-no-not-that-one. If you can recall that far back I was writing a novel. And I was revising the first draft, right? Well, there was a development. Yeah, book two wanted to come out and since one was giving me so much grief with that scary chapter three, and I wasn’t writing like I wanted to because, well, I suck, I decided to start book two because it WOULDN’T LEAVE ME ALONE!! Serioulsy! No, really seriously!

Book two is about the twins in book one. They are the ones that are born to the protagonist in book one who’s husband was kidnapped by the antagonist in some insane take-over-the-world psychosis thingy and jealous revenge. Oh, wait till you read book one then you’ll see how sicko the antagonist is really. Like, wow!

But I started book two for the nano thing, which is really cool if you can keep your butt in a chair long enough to write, which obviously I suck at because I didn’t finish the nano thingy.

Oh, you can find more about NaNo here: http://www.nanowrimo.org/. It’s really good for those writers who need the chance to just write and not be sucky lazy like some writers we know.


So, I started book two, because it has to be a novel you haven’t been writing, and it had been knocking on my whatsits to be let out, so I started it in nano. And failed miserably. *sigh* But I got a start and now that work is not so crazy with the overtime, not regular crazy like it alwasy will be, I am going to make me write. Okay, stop laughing. I hear ya out there saying, “she’s said that before”.

And I will finish the damn thing and I will finish the first one and I will finish my awesome writer resume and post for jobs. Heck, I’ve put together a printed magazine, with some great artistic help. I think I can do almost anything writery that doesn’t require a degree in writery things. I have worked one an ezine, I have articles and shorts all over the web (don’t look for them-they are really bad my earlier works) so I think I can get some kind of writery job. Um, that doesn’t bore me to tears, and um, can do it part time because I still have to work crazy job until I start selling novels ala Stephen Kingishy.

My dream is to still write, and sell, novels and to support myself well doing so.

I can see me in my cottage in the woods, with one driver and one assistant doing driver and assistant things, writing novels looking out a picture window while figuring out the next scene like Depp did in Secret Window. Um, except there won’t be any real life killing. Even if chapter three in book one worried me so much that when I saw my doctor for a check up I brought it up and he laughed and said to not worry it was all my imagination. I mean, I know the doc isn’t a shrink, but who writes like that and not be scary something wrong with them?

IF/WHEN bodies start to pile up I’m going to claim insanity and tell them the doctor told me not to worry it was only my imagination. Then laugh maniacally and start quoting Shakespeare or something. I kmow my buddies will still visit me.

Anyway, I digress.

In book two it’s about the boys and how the protagonist’s (in book one) son becomes the protagonist in book two, and there will be the usual conflicts with love and the twins, though they love each other are just a little jealous of each other. But they don’t know that their brother is jealous of them.

All I have to do is sit my butt in the chair and write damn me, write.

There’s the update. Now all I have to do is, besides sit my butt in the chair and write, keep updating the blog. Oh, and revamp my website. That’s on my list of to-does, um there on the list thingy.

Read ya later!


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