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Posted: February 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I had a meeting with the board of officers of CIWA to talk about a webpage and who would update it, did they want one, and domain names and so forth and so on.

I thought it went well actually though I had to explain a few things. And I will be earning that title of webmaster. I’m going to research websites, domain names, SEO, and a bunch of other stuff.

They’re going to bring up the idea of the website to the members at the April meeting. If work stays no overtimery then I may go even if it is a long way and late at night for me on a workday. Hey, I can always take the next day off. Oooo…I like that idea.

As for the novel, I am definitely going to have to force myself to sit still. See, even now, though I have been writing on the novel, am I now? Noooo….I’m here updathing my blog, which is a good thing, but it’s not writing on the novel. Now is it boys and girls? No, it is not. *sigh*

And I wil, most probably, not be a full time writer. At least not until I retire from my day job. Read this very interesting blog…. and you will know why. Sorry Mr. Keene, but I loved this article and wanted to share it with my readers. Ah, all four of them.

Now to the novel.

I’m working on the part where Theresa is telliing Marcus, her son, that he has to meet some females and breed. This will cause conflict with his twin brother because she will tell him no, he cannot find a girl and mate. The conflict will be between the brothers but also between Theresa and Ian, the twin of Marcus. Going to get intersesting, especially if you knew as much as I did about the people involved.

Amazingly enough, I don’t know everything about these people. The book writes itself, n’est pas?

Read ya later!


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