if I don’t make a list….it don’t get done

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

I finally broke down and made a to do list. I actually had a to do list and grocery list on the same list. I guess you could call it a combo list. Like a combo meal but no calories. Yay!

One of things was to work on the CIWA website. I’ve been slacking big time. Yeah, I know, I suck.

So that was at the top of the list. Uh, on the to do part of the list, not the grocery list. Yeah….uh.

And I also have an aritcle to write now on top of the new short story and, of course, my novel, which I’m outlining…sorta. I started the outline anyway, okay? Happy now? Sheesh!

And I have some ideas for the novel. Conflicts and tensions and bad things and, and , and….maybe good things? I need to write them down. I have the retention span of a gnat.

To recap: new short story and a new article. I have ideas, but not started yet. And I’m practically doing writery things all weekend. I’m going to meet two groups of writers who meet for diffeent writery reasons. I think they may be related groups, but I’m a litte foggy on that idea. This is where an assistant would come in real handy. Believe me, if I liked humans better, and could afford it, I’d have one now. And don’t even tell me to get a mechanical/technical assistant thingy. I would need an assistant to run the assistant. Oh laugh, if you must, but if you want to see an angry redhead taking a hammer and beating the whatsits out of some technymechany thingy because I couldn’t get the damn thing to work…then get me one. But it won’t be pretty, let me just say that.

Sooooo….list made and most of it done. woohoo…

Read ya later!


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