writing? not so much, in fact, no….

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

I don’t know what it is really. Laziness? Well, I have to be honest, yeah I do have a lazy side, but I don’t think that’s all it is.

I have been stressing about the job. I know, I know, when at home don’t think about work. And I don’t, usually, but when you have a thing coming at you where you’re going to lose some income it tends to make you worry. Know what I mean?

I’ve been looking for some writing gigs, but so far nuttin. *sigh* I thought about the ole fast food thing but, EW, no thanks. I’d have to be really desperate to want to work fast food again. That is one mean job, let me tell you. And no money whatsoever!

I need something I can do from home and on the puter…like writing, yeah like writing.

I blog, I write articles, I can even put a magazine together for crying out loud. Sheesh, you’d think someone would need that kind of writer.

I have been thinking about the chronicles of…..um, so and so. I almost gave it up there. See that? Nope, no telling until I’m done.

I can tell you it’s about the history of the short story that explains the one kind of people compared to the other kind of people. The why and how they got there and what happened.

See, she was there and they held her. And instead of killing her the other guy decided to see her and then that happened and ta da….she was saved and became the history of the other people, no not those people…the other people types. Ooohhhh, and I’m going to explain the thingy and how it came to be and there’s going to be the other things.

So I am working on writing if only in my head and no, I can’t really tell you until I finish it and send it off to the the other people. Types. Uh, those people…….yeah.

Read ya later!


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