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Posted: March 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Right now I’m reading ‘The Forest for the Trees’ by Betsy Lerner. Betsy is/was a literary agent and wrote this amazing book. I have to confess that I’ve had the book for a couple of years and just now picked it up to read. I finished reading ‘Our Inner Ape’ by Frans De Waal and that was a great read. Especially as chimps and humans share so many traits. Sorry creationists, but the fossil record speaks for itself, and no, I will not debate the creation/evolution issue. Leave me alone!

I’m reading the Forest for the Trees book and I think she wrote it about me. No, really, I do, but I don’t remember ever talking to this woman so how could she peg me so brilliantly in her book? I don’t get it,

The book is about writers. See, this is where I come in. The book is about writers like me. The ones who have that little voice in their head yelling, “You suck!” Oh, and the voice keeps saying it over and over and over and over and ov…um, you know?

And ambivalent toward my writing? Maybe…on some days. Mostly I whine about it or complain. Wait, isn’t that the same thing? Well, if the whiny writer who moans and complains about having to sit her butt in the chair until she writes something…then I know this book is really about me.

And Betsy Lerner is a very good writer. She gets you in (hooks you) and her brilliant wit and writing keep you there. Awesome!

This book is a book about how to survive the writing process and boy do I need that. I should have read it sooner. And again and again and again and again…yeah.

On the writing front, well, not so much. But I have been working on the next scene in my mind, which according to Betsy Lerner, is part of the process. Refer to page 35. And I quote, “Even when a writer doesn’t have a pen in hand or a keyboard beneath his fingers, the sentences are forming, the obsevations are being gathered, refined, retained, or rejected.”

So there….I am writing, even when I’m watching my Korean dramas. I am studying, um, plots, yeah, that’s it, plots.

But I am writing. I haven’t set a deadline for Liberty yet, but I think I’m going to say the 17th. Unless the one I’m working on now keeps intruding like it has when I began this blog post, them I’m going to have to extend my Liberty deadline.

I’m still keeping the website up. Nothing new added yet except the Spotlight like I blogged about the other day. You can see the CIWA website here:


And if you have any suggestions for some really nice writery things I can put in the Spotlight let me know.

Oh, and if you live in central Indiana you can come to a meeting. They are free and open to the public. *grins*

Read ya later!


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