already with the revisions…sorta

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m working on chapter 6 and I’m finished. Kindof!

In the scene where Theresa goes off with grief and fear I have Falco follow her to try to stop her. However, when her husband and the others get there Falco isn’t there. But he’s supposed to be. Logically, he went after Theresa so why isn’t he where she ended up? See the problem? Yeah, that problem….

So I rewrote that bit and was almost happy with it until it dawned on me that Falco needed to stay at the house in case the boys showed up, or the search parties found them, and he needed to have search parties search the other clans and inform the Queen and her Captain of the guards what had happened. But it didn’t occur to me until after I was almost asleep. What the….??

Sooooo…now I have to rewrite that bit. Again! *glares*

In other writing news it occurred to me that Brent, the husband, hadn’t met the Consort in the first book and it’s important to the ending of that book that he does meet the Consort. The Consort is important to Theresa and her people. He was at the beginning and held the histories. Everyone went to see the Consort for advice. He was very wise and very experienced. Of course he was also a couple hundred years old.

So now I have to go to book one and write a chapter to get the husband to meet the Consort. Should I have him attacked before he gets there? Or should I have him taken there against his will? Wow, poor guy has been through a helluva lot and I’m not sure I want to put him through all that. He has seen more than most humans as it is already.

In other news, I’m still moving the writer’s site to the new site. Work is even crazier and I’m lazy, but there really isn’t a good excuse except I have been waiting for pics to add to the site.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Read ya later!


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