how do I write

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was thinking about this the other day because, well, I think a lot. Mostly about what ever book I’m working on, but this time I was considering how I do write.

If I use an outline I start with by, uh, outlining the book.

Then I take it chapter by chapter. Now I may not have a title yet, but I always have a working title so I know which book I’m writing on when.

And I may or may not title each chapter.

It will have a scene, or maybe two that are related and tie into each other, but the scene will be complete and almost a story unto itself. Sometimes during this chapter ideas will pop up, or a new character will show up and I  add it to the outline, either to the chapter I was working on at the time or make it a new chapter.

Does this mess up my outline flow. Oh yeah, and it can make me crazy sometimes, especially when the new chapter wants to be written up RIGHT.NOW and can’t wait for me to finish the chapter I was writing when it showed up.

But I got used to that. It’s the ones that want to show up when I’m not even writing that get to me the most. Especially when I’m driving on the interstate. I have been known to pull off the interstate and jot down everything until I can get to the puter. Yeah, it gets like that sometimes.

And if I don’t write the new idea or character down RIGHT.THEN I may lose it forever. *sigh*

Sometimes I just write and though I can see the chapters I don’t stop the flow and just keep writing until it’s all purged on the puter screen and no longer in my head driving me bat shit crazy. Yeah, like that.

But that’s the way I write. Now to get to where I’m writing everyday. Being retired right now would make that a helluva easier, but that’s not going to happen for some time. I will just keep writing, and personally, I think that’s the point of it all.

Read ya later!


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