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Posted: June 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m working on the seventh chapter and it’s not working. Somehow something has to happen to cause Ian to do what he did in the hospital. Something that will either scare him, make him mad, or really freak him out so much he’ll do what he did in the hospital when he couldn’t find his brother. You remember that scene?

Oh, yeah, you haven’t read it. Yet! Dang it!

Okay, Marcus and Ian are attacked. Ian is knocked off and falls. Marcus goes after Ian to try and catch him but it’s too late and they both fall. BUT Marcus had saved Ian’s life and was in a coma.


When Ian discovers that he doesn’t know where Marcus is he goes ballistic and does what he does that no one knew he could do. Now do you get it?

Yeah, I have to come up with something that really freaks Ian out so he does what he did in the hospital.

I was going to have Marcus and Gina, Ian’s soon to be girlfriend, fight and then Ian would get all protective of Gina and fight his brother and then go all ape crazy and do what he did in the hospital. But it’s not working. *sigh*

Maybe I should have Ninja attack all three of them and Gina gets shot by a Chinese throwing star and that freaks Ian out?

But there aren’t any Ninjas in this story….*thinks harder*

Hmmm…or are there?

No, that would be too passé, but I could have them get attacked by the tattooed gang that attacked them that put them in the hospital in the first place. I mean, Ian is much sought after by the bad guys considering what he is…or what he may be…or what, uh…yeah. Ian has everyone wondering what he is. Or isn’t.

That might have to be it. I can’t think of anything else at the moment, so I will keep you posted.

Read ya later!


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