I’ve been wrtiing…sort of

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Since I was off today I thought it would be a perfect day to write. Yeah, right, uh huh!

Well, I did write. Sort of…if you count realizing you’re missing a chapter and freak out because you don’t remember the missing chapter. But there had to be a chapter five if you had a chapter four and a chapter six? Right?

I couldn’t believe it when I looked on my laptop to find chapter five so I knew where to take chapter seven after reading chapter six. Yes, I am aware that each chapter should be able to almost stand on its own, um, feet, but they should at least make some kind of sense. Right?

At least to my way of thinking so I went to find chapter five, in hard copy, and realized I didn’t have one. So I looked at my puter files and realized it wasn’t there either. What??

Someone had stolen my chapter five! Thieves! Bastages!

I had to blame it on someone, eh? I mean, what kind of writer writes a chapter four and a chapter six without a chapter five?

Yeah, yeah, I know I had two chapter fours once. Two completely different fours, but hey, it happens. Doesn’t it? *looks blank*

Anyway, I looked on my other puter in one of my emails. Sometimes I’ll email bits and pieces back and forth between home and work. I thought to look for it there. But I had so many emails I cleaned the inbox out.


Yep, you guessed it. I cleaned EVERYTHING.OUT.OF.MY.INBOX!!!

Nope, that won’t work either. I am notorious for cleaning out the trash after cleaning out the other folders. *sigh* I lost everything that wasn’t in a folder. NO, do not ask me why I did that. I have no answer!


But good news…when I looked in the sent folder CHAPTER.FIVE.WAS.THERE!!!!! Yay!

Would have done a back flip for joy if I knew how to do a back flip. Or was in shape. Or wasn’t fat and old. Or….yeah.

So I have my chapter five.

What’s that? Did I look at my notes and outline? About that…

My outline is practically non existent, which I am rectifying, and the notes are for book three. Don’t even get me started on that book. And I have a new line to create a story for…”Everyone has a secret.” Yeah, like the last line I got and wrote a short story that one third place in a contest and now is in the works as a complete novel. Yeah, that again.

And a new character that keeps wanting to talk to me, that may or may not belong to the short story that I will eventually write for the line ‘everyone has a secret’.

So, if frantically looking for a chapter and re-writing an outline while keeping at bay other stories and characters is writing, then yeah, I wrote today. A lot!

And a blog about writing is writing, too, isn’t it? So I did write today. Sort of!

Read ya later!


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