cutbacks…they are not going to be fun

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

After being furloughed one day a week and losing 20% of my pay there are going to have to be cut backs. ouch!

The first to go is my website. I wasn’t really using it anyway, but it was nice to see my name in a URL.I felt all professional and stuff.

Now I won’t have a website. *sob*

But I will be saving over a, uh, some money a year. And the bums were raising my rates anyway. Bums! I was thinking of looking for a cheaper place to host my domain name. Now I will just wait longer and not even think about it.

At least not worry about it until I finish the book and sell it and start to make money. Then I will look into getting a website. I didn’t have anything on it anyway. I don’t go around posting bits and pieces of any of my novels and very few people even know what they are about.

And that will be some bucks a year saved…no use asking me how much. I would have to look it up. I think it was in the hundreds but I’m not really sure. See, that’s where that assistant would come in handy. They would keep track of all that and when I wanted to know I would ask. And then probably ask again later because I forgot. Yeah, that’s how I roll.

It’s not easy having all these stories in my head. They take up a LOT of room and processes. You could be talking to me and I would just be sitting there, not really ignoring you, but not really paying attention because I’d be in my head working through a plot…….

See, I just did it again.

It can be maddening sometimes, but I’m used to it by now. It just disconcerts people at times when they’re requiring an answer from me that I probably didn’t hear depending how deep into the scene I was at the time. If I flail my arms about and mumble then I’m in it pretty good.

So cut backs have to be begun. I put in the paperwork to stop the union dues. $40 bucks a month will be nice to have back in my pay. And I will be still writing even if I didn’t do any at all this past weekend. Too many people talking and drinking, getting drunk for my amusement for me to sit still long to write. I did manage to get some reading in, though.

Now I need to get business cards done with my new website, er, with this URL as a website.

Oh, yeah, cutbacks. Guess I’ll just have to scratch out the old one and write this one in when I hand any out. Not that I do that…usually.

Okay, ‘nough for now. Read ya later!


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