now that I’ve started back

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have set a goal and I plan on making it. I created a deadline. I don’t like deadlines, but I do seem to produce better when I have one. And I sure hope my future agents/publishers do not read this blog because then they will know about deadlines.

So, I have until Xmas of 2013 to finish up the outline and the first draft of The Twins. Uh, that’s just a working title. I’m not sure I’m keeping that for the for-real title.

And so far, today, I have caught up my outline to what I have already first drafted on the book. I’ve also outlined the outline. Yes, I’m aware that is redundant and just a tad, okay a lot, OCD, but the ideas started coming so I had to write them somewhere without messing up the outline I was working on.

Hey, when the ideas start hitting me I don’t stop. Uh, unless I’m on the interstate. Then I get off the road as soon as possible and write the ideas. Yeah, people don’t like it when you’re writing while driving. You tend to wander over into their lane. Hmmm….I wonder if there’s a law against writing while driving?

It was amazing how many new ideas I got down before I stopped. Now all I have to do is outline the outline and then write the first draft of the ideas on the outline of the outline.

And I have to come up with a pen name soon. I did have one but I have decided to change it to something else. Long story and I don’t want to get into it because it’s not important. But now I may have an idea for a new pen name. Sort of! However, I may just use my real name. Sort of!

That gives me five months, give or take a day, to finish up the first draft. Then I will put that one down for a minute and work on my first revision of the first book. I still have to kill the bad guy in that one. I think I’m going to make it all gory and brutal. Yeah, now we’re talking. heh

Other than that I’m okay. Feel better now that I’ve set a goal. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

I still want to do an e-book, but it may have to wait. If the ideas hit, though, I may have to do an outline really quick. At least I’d have that for later. I will put it up on Amazon for a free Kindle or whatsits.

Now that I have the outline and the outline of the outline I think I will take a break. I feel all accomplished and stuff. Kinda neat!

Read ya later!

  1. Sandy Cee says:

    Good for you Loretta. I wish you luck. In 2011 i set a deadline for Christmas…
    Well, that was then, now is now and I’m still no closer to the end. But Hey! I have some outlines! 🙂
    Like you, I have outlined the outline a few times and now all I need to is fill in the blanks for my first draft, then re-write it for the near finished book, and finally re-write it to the finished e-book and publish..sounds easy when you say it fast.
    I love that you think of the wandering while driving and writing at the same time – ever thought of an electronic recorder. At least you can talk it out to yourself while still driving, then it becomes memorable recordings when you add a bit of the road rage antics along the way…
    Just a thought..don’t know why it took me so long to catch up to you.
    I will read you more often now..I promise 🙂

    • Loretta The Red says:

      I was just thinking about a recorder on the way to see a friend last night. I used to use one when I couldn’t actually sit down to write, like on the road or anywhere I couldn’t write something down. But I sound like my sister when I play it back and it freaks me out. I’m going to have to get over that, though, now that I’ve committed to having the fist draft finished by Christmas and I’m only up to chapter seven. LOL

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