chapter seven

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Nope, still working on chapter seven. They’re being attacked and there was an attempt at kidnapping Ian, but I’m not finished with it yet. Right now the boys and Gina, Ian’s girlfriend, are in the middle of a fight with 7 bad guys.

Until I work on the details they are going to have to continue to fight. I just hope they have the stamina. Yeah, my characters are frozen in time doing the same thing over and over until I finish it and then they move on.

Heh, when I finish the book they live happily forever. Uh, usually. Unless I want to do something else to them later.

See, I’m not sure how bad I want to hurt Gina. The idea was to get Ian really upset so he’d change or what ever, and it worked….he did whatever. but now I can’t decide how bad I want Gina hurt. It also will make Ian realize how much he really does love Gina no matter what his people think.

It’s an integral part of the book for Gina to die but if she dies now then the she can’t die in child birth later leaving Ian so messed up emotionally where he has to move to New York City and begin the third book.

So, do I kill her here or wait until they may get married and she may get pregnant and she may die in childbirth? Oh yeah, if I wait for the childbirth the baby dies as well to really get Ian  even emotionally scarred. See, then he’d feel guilt ridden because  he’ll think that he shouldn’t have gotten married and had kids because of what he is….

But that’s the dilemma. When does she die and how?

And I’m just going to have to start recording when I’m driving or out somewhere doing something so I can get the ideas down. I had all kinds of ideas popping up but I was driving to meet a friend and couldn’t stop. Of course as long as it took the movie to actually start I could have taken notes…always keep pen and paper on me…but I didn’t because the kid next to me was already looking at me like I was going to attack him or something and I didn’t want to freak him out more than he already looked.

So chapter seven isn’t done but I may have figured out which chapter is eight. And I need to bring the consort out more. oooo I can do an actual character work up on him. He’s really interesting and though not exactly integral to the plot he is important. ooooo

*writes down some notes about character work up*

Okay, I’m back.

I also need to add the outline-outline to the outline. And I sure don’t have enough chapters, but then what else is new? Right?

The outline-outline? What, you never had one. Ohhhh, well I was working on the outline to catch it up with the book because I had begun the book without one. But when I was working on the outline on another book I realized I had so many ideas popping (they sometimes actually make a pop noise….maybe I need to see a doctor?) that the outline was fleshing out the story really good. All I had to do was put in the words between the ideas.

So, I had ideas popping while catching up to the book so I also wrote an outline-outline for the outline. Random bits of ideas in no particular order that I can arrange in order later.

There are no hard rules on how to write, and I’d break them anyway. I do what I do because that’s what I do.

But chapter seven is coming along and I will finish the outline and the first draft before Christmas. Then put it down and finish the first revision of the first book. I have to kill the bad guy…that’s where I’m at in the first book. In the draft I killed her too quickly. I have to fix that and then move on.

Now I have to see what chapter seven looks like before I  leave today. Spending time with friends for the day. I know, I know, it’s not writing, but if I don’t get out sometimes I’ll be home all the time, alone. And as much as I like to do that it’s not good for me.

Read ya later!

  1. Sandy Cee says:

    I think Gina should die later on..why not let the kid live to give Ian a retched time bringing up a baby on his own. She could be murdered somewhere…like on a subway, or die in a horrible car crash…dying in childbirth is so passe these days. Just a thought…

  2. Loretta The Red says:

    Yeah, I decided to let her die in childbirth. It’s going to be traumatic, but it’s not until way later in the book. Thanks

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