finished chapter seven..onward and, uh, yeah

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

I finished chapter seven. The chapter that finally gave me the answer. Now I know what Ian looks like. Yes!

And I started chapter eight which is not the same chapter eight in the outline-outline. Yeah, I still need to finish the outline and incorporate the two outline thingys.

I have also discovered that one of my other books is missing. Well, not missing per se, but some of the chapter are…the ones I actually wrote. All four of them.

Procrastinate much?

Anyway, I realized that I was missing some chapters on my flash drives. I couldn’t find them on the puters either. Thank the gods I have them printed off so I do have hard copies and a damn good outline.

But I digress from the point of this post.

I finished chapter seven and started chapter eight. And I need to work on my outline. I really wish I had outlined the first book. But I didn’t. I have the first draft finished, if that’s any good. And I’m in the fourth chapter rewrite. Yeah, I really need to keep writing.

And I was asked just the other day how I was going to publish. Self publish or traditional. Before I could give an answer they also said they knew someone who had written some thing badly and self published because they couldn’t get a publisher. I actually know someone who did the same, but I made the mistake of buying their crappy book. LOL

I plan on finding an agent and take it from there so I’m not sure yet.

Boy, I sure hope my story isn’t crap. But I won’t know until I get the first draft finished and then find some readers and get feed back. ooooo I like that idea.

In other news I need to get my puters and flash drives organized. At least I took everything off the flash drive for my current book. It had all kinds of stuff on it.

And I also realized that once the chapter begins to formulate in my mind it seems to be writing itself. I can almost see the white screen and the words typing one letter at a time like they were being typed. Now that I’ve paid attention to that it’s cool and freaky at the same time. But I also know that I am now ready to actually write the chapter.

Now to get back to chapter eight. Mom showed up again and was ready to rip Marcus’s head off. Good thing Bruce is quick or she would have.

Read ya later!


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