still working on chapter eight, but….

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last night I added all the words of the chapters together and already I’ve written 22,190 words. Wow! Only, uh, so many more words and the book is done. At least the first draft.

At the moment Gina is in intensive care with terrible burns over most of her body. She got them when trying to rescue Ian from his kidnappers. It worked but she may die.

No, not really. She won’t die now. Later on she’ll die. From something else she’ll die.

But now it’s a good time for Ian to realize how much he really does care for her even with their differences. Come to think about it they have some big time differences. No, really, major differences. Yeah, like wow major.

But love is blind. And stubborn. And really, really, wants to get its way so….yeah they are in love. Now to break it to mama. Boy, is she going to be mad! Wow, yeah major angry! I wouldn’t want to be him when he tells mother. Yeah….

But I still have to bring out the bad guy and I think his first appearance is going to be in the next chapter.  Mother and he have a run in and he ‘splains a few things to mom. Like why he’s going to kill her darling boy. And what a freak she has for a son. And yada, yada, yada…he likes to hear himself talk. Just like his crazy mother in book one.

So, I estimated that I should be finished with the first draft, and the outline, but mainly the first draft, by sometime in November. If I keep plugging away at it. Yeah…

I still don’t have a website, but I’m thinking I really don’t want one now. Like why? I’ll get one later. I wasn’t using it much anyway and it will save me some money.

Yeah, when this book gets published and then later we start talking movie, then I may get a website.

To make this movie I am going to need some awesome artists and CGI people. I’m going to need an artist eventually anyway.

I know what my people look like, but I can’t draw them. I’ve explained before that my stick people don’t even look like stick people. More like squiggly lines. And you should see my maps. Highlarious!

Yeah, definitely will need an artist!

Read ya later!



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