it was an accident

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

I wasn’t going to write today, but I did, accidentally.

Here, let me explain.

Last night I went to a birthday party for a dear friend of mine and we were all out in the backyard, around a fire pit, talking and eating good food. And whatnots. You know, whatnots? Those little things you do that you really don’t want to explain because it would take too much time and write down every one of them? Yeah, those things, whatnots.

So, anyway, after awhile the people around me either got up to get more food or went over to the other side of the circle of people to talk to them, and I found myself alone. Not a problem, but leave me alone long enough and I will be writing, or taking notes on my writing, or anything to do with my current project. I was already thinking about chapter eight, anyway, because I wanted to get it done and move on. I do have a deadline. You know?

So, there I am, sitting in the dark, and no one to talk to. My mind wanders over to the chapter and I toss around a few ideas in my head. Now, you gotta get a good picture of the scene.

It’s dark, there are a lot of people sitting in the backyard, around a fire pit, laughing and talking. I’m alone for the moment, perfect opportunity to write, but I didn’t bring my paper and pen with me. I was at a party so didn’t think I would need to. I know, silly me!

I took out my phone to see if it had a tool I could use to take notes or something. It’s not a smart phone, or anything (I would have almost killed for a tablet right about then), but I looked in the tools and there was a thingy for notes. I opened it up and tested it. Sure enough, I was able to actually text some ideas and I was able to do some dialogue work using the note feature, which I didn’t even know the phone had. Brilliant!

Now look here, they left me alone, not the other way around. Don’t even think I’m a bad friend or lousy party goer. I participated a LOT! Believe me, I do know how to socialize. But I am also a writer and writers are always thinking about their writing in some form or another. We can’t help it. Watch your writer friends and you will be able to see what I’m talking about. No writer friends? Oh, what a shame, writers are a blast to be around. I crack up my best friend all the time when I tell her something about my writing. No, I am not sure what I say, but she gets a big kick out of it.

And when the people next to me came back to their seats I saved the notes and joined the conversations again. So it’s not like I went to some corner by myself and totally ignored anyone. I even got up and walked around talking to different people. Well, the ones I knew well anyway. No, I was polite to the ones I didn’t know, but I didn’t try and keep a conversation with them either. Hey, they didn’t with me either so it was all okay.

Now to the accident part.

Today I decided to just take the day off from writing. That never stops me from thinking about my projects, but I wanted to take the pressure off for awhile and just chill. Except I needed to get my notes off the phone and put them in the chapter. I wasn’t even sure they’d fit.

I got the laptop and opened the chapter, looked at my notes one by one, and typed them all in the chapter, deleting each one from the phone as I went to avoid confusion.

But accidentally, once I got the notes in I kept writing and finished the chapter. No, really, I hadn’t intended to, but the notes must have triggered some writery thing in my writer brain and I wrote an additional 698 words on top of the 166 words of notes on my little Verizon LG phone thingy. I finished off the chapter for a total of 4991 words.

Now that chapter eight is done I can start on nine. This is the one where Ian goes to see the Consort. But wait a minute, I haven’t finished the outline on that chapter. Or the all the other chapters. Or the character study of the Consort. I am moving what I had for chapter ten to somewhere else, though. Not sure where, but I don’t want it on chapter ten. Too soon for that scene, you know?

I did write today, but I didn’t mean to. It was an accident!

Read ya later!


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