chapter nine and maybe 10

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

I took Friday off so that gives me a four day weekend. I made a to-do list for the weekend and chapter 9 and 10 are on it. I’ve started chapter 9….we’ll see about chapter 10 later.

Chapter nine is where the Consort summons Ian. He wants to splain some things and see Ian do what Ian does, for himself. And then he’ll explain to Ian why Ian does what Ian does.

He’ll give them a history lesson about their people and blah, blah, blah….you’ll learn more about them in this chapter.

Oh, and Ian has proposed to Gina who is recovering nicely and who did accept his proposal even if he couldn’t understand her because she was crying so hard. Now to tell mother about his engagement and the fact that he wants to move Gina to their place. Yeah, that’s going to go over real good.

I also figured out how the old ones move around without being seen. Well, except for Bonana who is bat shit crazy and not allowed to leave her place, which is why they are all going to her place once one of her caretakers replaces the you-don’t-know-what-yet so the thing will work. They keep the you-don’t-know-what-yet hidden away so Bonana can’t leave….good thing, too. She is not the most friendliest creatures.

But the old ones are huge and as this takes place in our world, Earth and present day, they have to be able to move around with out satellites or radar detecting them. Yeah, very tricky. But I have a way they can do it, and also why other people cannot use it. I know it doesn’t make sense here, but when you read the book it will make sense. Trust me, it will.

I’m not sure where the chapter for the convening of the old ones is going to be in the book but I feel it’s going to be soon. Maybe chapter 11? I dunno yet!

And I think that I will have the bad guy trick Gina into coming to see him, once she’s fully recovered,  to use her for bait to get Ian. He’ll have to put the thing on her, but that way she can’t do the thing she can do and he can control her better. This is another chapter that, again, I don’t where it comes in, but feel it’s going to be soon. Got it? Right!

So it’s moving along. Slowly, but moving.

I miss my Hulu. I deactivated my account because I was watching too much television and not enough writing was getting done. I’ve watched a few movies, two that I rented (bad readlory, bad girl) but I think it will taper off soon. I’m watching the movies because I have to ease the the with drawl from KOREAN DRAMAS. O.M.G. Yes, my name is readlorey and I am addicted to Korean dramas. And it’s a good thing I quit Hulu when I did. I found out that there are Chinese dramas. O.M.G.

Yeah, I have it bad. But so far, so good.

I’ve taken a lot of notes, got some great ideas, and chapter 9 is moving. I really need to finish the outline so I would know where each chapter goes, but I haven’t yet. Nor have I finished the character study of Gina or the Consort, let alone the other old ones. I have a few details jotted down and I kinda sorta know what the other old ones look like. I even kinda sorta know why Bonana is bat shit crazy. But it hasn’t been fleshed out yet.

I’ll get to it. I’ll have to, won’t I? How else will I keep everything straight? Yeah, my point exactly.

Read ya later!


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