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I’m working on chapter nine again. Finally! Working full time, especially where I work, takes a lot out of me. It’s not a physical type job, usually, but there is a lot of stress, that I always over react to, that leaves me drained and I can’t focus. I’m not writing like I want to write. Yeah, I need to work on that.

The boys have reached the Citadel and getting ready to meet with the Consort. But Marcus is feeling really jealous of Ian right now and trying not to let it show because he does love his twin brother. No, really, he does. It’s just that Marcus also loves the same woman that Ian does. And their mother seems to pay more attention to Ian. Yeah, Marcus is having some issues.

I’ve managed to write 405 new words, so far, today. And I’m taking down notes on the background as they come to me. Like the Citadel for instance. What is it? Why is it? What does it look like? Yeah, things like that.

But I’m proud of myself because I haven’t let the squirrels distract me too much. When they show up I acknowledge the squirrels and then write down some notes to make them go away. And go back to my chapter.

The self discipline is a work in progress. I lack self discipline! No, really, I do. I know it surprises you but when they were passing out the self disciplines I was probably somewhere hiding taking a nap. Naps are AWESOME! So I missed the self discipline class like I missed the patience class. I don’t have a lot of that either.

One thing I have found out living as long as I have, so far, is that if you aren’t born with it it’s very hard to learn it on your own. Imagination I have tons of, but patience and self discipline? Yeah, not so much.

Anyway, this is the chapter where they meet the Consort and find out some things. And Ian still has to tell his mother about Gina….yeah that’s going to go well. *ahem* Good thing blood doesn’t freak me out because there may be bloodshed. I’m just saying….

Marcus has to keep his love for Gina secret, too. She doesn’t love him because she loves Ian, and he loves Ian, but it really irks him to see his brother with the woman he loves. Marcus that is…er, yeah. And it’s hard to keep a secret from someone when you’re psychically linked like the twins are linked. Marcus may not be the smartest one, or even the most talented one, but he’s had a lot more practice shielding his thoughts than his brother.

But Marcus would die for Ian. That’s why he became his bodyguard and secretly swore allegiance to Ian only. Can you imagine the personal hell Marcus has to be under now. He has to be with Ian all the time, even when Ian is with Gina, the one and only woman Marcus loves.

Not that Marcus couldn’t have any female he wanted, as good looking as he is, and strong, too. He’s on a lot of breeding lists with the other noble families. Some of the females even forced their chiefs to put him on the list because he’s so good looking. The only reason the chief’s were hesitant was because of the political situation.

But I digress….

So, finally, I am writing, and taking notes on writing, and blogging about writing. I feel like I’ve lit up a cigarette after a good meal. Yeah, that good.

Read ya later!


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