chapter nine? yeah, finished

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

I finished chapter nine. It’s clunky, but it’s finished. I really had to make myself finish it, too. Isn’t that sad? I believe I have a great story to tell and yet I’m feeling like I have to force it out of me instead of letting it flow freely. Maybe if I didn’t work full time for crazy people I might be able to do that? Who knows! There’s no way I will ever find out because I need the job.

Anyway, now Ian knows what Marcus didn’t want him to know. He also knows how he came to be. Sort of! He’s basically a big scientific experiment no one meant to happen. But his biggest problem on his mind right now is his brother and his girlfriend. What is he going to do about the fact that his brother is in love with the woman that Ian wants to marry? Yeah, you see the dilemma?

Now I need to work out some issues. First of all rock do not have DNA. No, I can’t explain it here because that would give away some of the story and if I’m going to give it away, which I’m not, then I’m going to tell the whole story. Nothing but the story in all its completeness. Um, when it’s completely complete. Like, not now. Besides, I do want people to read my story, but I also want them to buy my story. But publication comes much later in the process.

I have noticed some things since I’ve outlined most of this book. I don’t always stay with the outline. Oh, I start with the outline, but the chapter writes itself and I’m constantly taking down notes because it tells me things I did not know. How can you not know your own story? Yeah, like it’s alive or something.

Oh, and Falco overheard the Consort talking to Ian after Marcus ran away in shame and anger. Falco now knows about the rock. I know! Wow!

I wonder what he’s going to do with that information? Hmmm…It’s going to be interesting to find out.

In chapter ten I have it outlined to where Gina’s people basically throw her out and also Ian’s mother finds out about the two. I wonder if Theresa is going to rip Gina’s head off or not? Or will Ian just run off with Gina?

I do see where the Queen steps in because the clan chiefs start to fight over the couple.

Gina’s people don’t want to her to marry, let alone marry a half breed. And Theresa is afraid of Ian getting married because he is different and what if he has children? What kind of children will he have, assuming he can even breed?

I know one thing. I wouldn’t want to be Ian when Theresa finds out he took Gina to the manor house. Now that’s going to be a huge fight. Well, at least in the outline it is. The way this book is writing itself who knows what’s going to happen next. I sure don’t seem to know.

I think I could get more writing done if I wasn’t so stressed at work. It’s end of year and they’ve already lost their minds. Let alone the fact that if the big shots don’t do something soon and the government shuts down I may lose my job. Yeah, hard to relax with all the craziness. And I have a hard enough time focusing as it is. I think I need to get back to my meditations. Yeah, that helped me with a lot of things.

So, now that chapter nine is finished I can begin ten and work on more of the outline. I still want to flesh out a few more things on this book. I have notes everywhere and I need to make them make sense. Got it? Right!

Read ya later!


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