chapter 10 is finished…well, the first draft.

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

This book is writing itself and barely following the outline I worked on. What’s up with that? If the book didn’t want to follow the outline then it should have written that, too. Where was it when I had to struggle with the outline? Yeah, I want to know.

The boys didn’t have the big fight the way I wanted. Nope, they decided to talk it out and every thing is nice and peachy keen. What? I wanted a fist fight to happen. All that jealousy built up for years and then there’s a woman that they both love? And not fighting? I am very disappointed in them.

Oh, the chapter? No, it looks good with out the fight, but that is not the point. You’re not paying attention.


Why am I here if I’m not the writer? I could be doing something else. Like writing about Fernando. He has been really considerate and waiting his turn. I could be writing his story.

It just irks me.

First chapter three in the first book freaks me out so bad I put the whole thing down. And now the second book is writing itself. I feel so used and neglected.


Finished chapter 10 and now I will start chapter 11. The Consort comes back but this time he talks to the Queen and the council. I wonder what’s going to happen?

What? I should know what’s going to happen? Yeah, right, not the way this book has been acting. Not consulting me and just writing what it wants.

Maybe I can make a deal with it and let it write itself if I can write about the bad guy. Oh, that would be nice. I have some really good ideas for the bad guy. He’s one crazy you-know-what, too. I wonder how one deals with a book? Make a call?

Whoa…does my book have a phone number? Wait, if so who is paying the bill?

I see I need to have a talk with my book. Or my doctor. But the last time I talked to my doctor about scary chapter three he just laughed and said it was my imagination. Uh, doc? Yeah, that didn’t reassure me.

Maybe I should have let him read it? Uh, no, then I might be in a nice quiet room wearing an interesting jacket. Yeah, he doesn’t need to read it.

So, on to chapter 11 and a whole bunch of people are going to be told a lot of things they had no clue about. Yeah, it’s going to get interesting.

Read ya later!


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