nanaowrimo…still plugging away

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have not finished the damn book even when I started nano with 30k word. I know, I suck, right?

The story is there but I won’t keep my butt in the chair. How am I going to convince anyone, including myself, that I am a novelist when I’m not noveling? See my point?

Okay, I have to get tougher with myself. *laughs at the irony* Yeah, I said tougher. What, I haven’t eve gotten tough, how can I get tougher? *sigh*

So, no more going out, no more movies, no more human contact (other than work and a rare visit with family and friends) and keep house full of coffee and food so I can write 24/7. Um, well, when I’m not at work…or eating…or sleeping.

Oh, I tried the schedule thing. Get home at 330….write at 500…eat at 600 and then back to the writing at 7 through to 9 when I begin my preparations for going to bed so I can get up and begin the whole thing over again. And don’t give myself a break until I reach certain milestones. Uh, that I haven’t figured out yet. ooo…maybe when I write 2000 words at one sitting then get up and get a snack and take a break for 15 minutes.

I wonder how much I could get written then? *tries to calculate the math but gets a headache instead*

Anyway, I bet it would be a lot. All I have to do is get tough with myself and do it.

I am writing chapter 13 so that’s a good thing and this one has a lot of action in it. I won’t let out a spoiler, but Gina gets kidnapped and Ian discovers that he has a power. I know, exciting! And lots of fighting and butt kicking and stuff. The bad guy gets away this time though, but now he has been introduced and you find out who he is… of aha moments. Of course I need to finish the first book revisions because that’s part of where the two books tie in to each other. Yeah, that book, the one with the scary chapter that made me put it down.

I have been on the Nindy: Nano Indy Facebook page a lot. I was able to get chapter 12 written in TWO days because of the chat room. I know, right? It’s exciting! And now I have 44,067 words written. I only have to write 5,933 more words and nano is completed for me this year. This is my second year and I didn’t make it. I should be doing a hell of a lot better but hey, I’ll take what I can get. I am writing. yay me!

Read ya later!


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