finished chapter 15…but I don’t like it

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s been hard getting any writing done. Oh,no, I don’t have writer’s block. I have writers’ lazy butt. Yeah, a common malady found in some writers. It is amazing how wide spread it is among a lot of the writers I know. Except for the professional novelists who sit for a prescribed amount of time to write a prescribed amount of words, or in some cases, pages. Wow! I want to do that…oh wait, I have to get rid of the writers’ lazy buttitis.

I have finished chapter 15. Why yes, I am changing the subject. Shut up!

I finished chapter 15 and now can’t decide if I want to write the next chapter or write more for Fernando. I did manage to write about his birth so far. Why? Uh, because it will explain his circumstances and he was driving me bat shit crazy to write it. Yeah, it’s like that.

Now to write the next chapter. No, not Fernando, the other story. The one I’ve been working on. Are you even paying attention? Sheesh!

In this chapter the Consort is going to call the whole family in for a talk and he is going to want to see Ian do his thing. Yeah, the thing Ian does that I can’t tell you until the book is finished but is so cool you’re going to go, “What, he can do that?” Yeah, you will. Oh you can argue all you want but if you knew what I knew then you’d know and agree with me that you will say that, what you said. Yepper!

And wait until Gina, who was just rescued but left under guard at the manor while the family went to see the Consort. Oh, it’s going to freak everyone out when she screams and what happens does happen.

Then I want to get back to the Old Ones and do more with Bonana’s city because it’s pretty amazing. But I’m afraid that she will have to die. Why? Well, if she’s alive when they start talking to the other people then she’s going to lose it completely and end up starting the wars back again. And we can’t have that now can we? No, we cannot. So she has to die, because there’s no reasoning with someone that nuts.

In other news I am writing an article on National Novel Writing Month for the CIWA website. You can find the website here. I know the webmaster so it’s an easy way to get something I’ve written on line. It’s good to know people in, uh, places. And all I have to do is polish it up and put it on the site. Yay me!

Now to figure out how to get rid of writers’ lazy buttitis.

Read ya later!


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