stupid story is not following my outlines so why bother, eh?

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m trying something new. I’m writing the chapter without an outline. I mean, the story wasn’t following my outlines anyway, right?

No, this may not be chapter 17. I don’t know which chapter it is, but it’s demanding to be written so I’m writing it, without an outline, not knowing what’s going to happen except there will be two deaths by poison.

No worries, the deaths are for the greater good. The deaths of two outweigh the lives of the many, right? Right!

One of them needs to be killed for the greater good. Actually, so does the other but for that one it will be a very painful way to die. There are many poisons and some of them hurt when they kill you and some do not. And revenge is best served cold, in wine.

The female has to be killed because she will destroy the children with her madness. If she is not put down then the whole world will know of the children and while that will be a good thing her method  would not be a good thing. So it was decided, for the greater good mind you, that it needed to be done.

Well now, for the other one? Not necessarily needed to be done for the greater good so much as he caused a lot of trouble for the children and then there was the matter of Victoria’s death.

Yeah, when you hate someone so much for so many years yet can’t do anything about it what do you do? You wait for the most opportune time to get your sweet, sweet revenge. Will my character regret killing off the others? Nope, he is, after all, protecting the children who must live no matter what. That is what a parent does, is it not? Protect their children? Exactly!

I wonder if my knowledge of poisons has anything to do with no one coming to dinner at my place? Surely not! I’m a writer, not a murderer. Just because I write about these things doesn’t mean I would act on it. But then again after looking through my book collection I do have some interesting titles.

For research purposes only of course. No, really! Don’t judge me!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I finished chapter 16 last night. It just came pouring out. I haven’t written so much in one sitting since Nano. And you can read my article on nanowritmo here: A Nanowrimo Rebel

Read ya later!


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