no I haven’t quit, but I am taking a break

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

I put the novel down for a moment. In fact I’ve put all writing down for a moment. And in writing parlance a moment can be anywhere from one minute to many years. You can’t base regular time on a writer. We don’t work like regular people.

I stopped writing the novel after I killed 27 people. Well, I didn’t kill 27 people, they killed 27 people. I didn’t want them to but the victim’s needed to be taken out for various reasons. 25 of them were, perhaps, innocent victims, but they had to be silenced, and sealed up in their tomb, for the greater good. The lives of the many outweigh the lives of the few, ya know? And it makes the story interesting.

But I’m tired of it and have laid it down. Temporarily, yes just temporarily! I wanted to get Fernando’s story started as a change of pace.

I’m writing it in the first person which means I’m pretty much going to have to get inside his head. That should prove interesting!

In other news I may be starting a writing group. Another writer found me and we got together to talk about starting a group for after work. We both work at the same place. Small world, eh?

But the weather has delayed us from starting it this week as we discussed. No kidding! We got slammed with a vortex of artic weather and it has kept me home all this week. Fortunately I can work from home if I have to and it’s been working pretty good so far.

So I put the novel down for now and started a short story in first person for Fernando. I just hope that him being a guy and me being a girl doesn’t cause any kind of problem. I’ll keep you posted.

Read ya later!


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