Fernando, writing groups, and so forth….

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Fernando, good old Fernando! Well, he’s not really all that old.

No, I haven’t written much on him. I was going to try for first person, but that didn’t work. I don’t know why but it was coming out all stilted and stupid.

Maybe if Fernando was Fernanda? Nope, and you should have seen the look he gave me when I suggested it. He is most certainly male, not that he concerns himself with sex or sexual orientation. He doesn’t care, really. But like he says, he is who he is so why change him? Good point Fernando! I will try and write his story in third person. I’ll keep you posted!

About writing groups, yeah. I thought we were going to start one in the building where I work but it’s not as easy as I thought it was going to be. How hard can it be? Geez.

So I’m going to join one at the writer’s center. Maybe. When the snow stops being snow and I can get around without worrying about accidents. And then to see if they fit. You just can’t get with any group and expect them all to fit. I know, I’ve had it happen before. Sometimes the group just is not the right fit for you.

And that dratted first draft! No, it is not finished, but thanks for asking. Yes, I will have a good first revision done before July.

Um, maybe! Hopefully?

See why I need a group? I can’t get motivated. The most interesting thing I’ve written lately was a grocery list. Yeah, it’s been like that.

No, all the stories are there, all the characters are there, I just can’t get motivated to write. It’s sad! So I’m hoping that some group will show up and then I will get my motivation back. And when the weather gets nicer I’m going to take writing classes at the center. That should shake up my motivation. Yes? No?

You are no help, you know that? *sigh*

I have tweaked the CIWA site a tad here and there. And I actually have a short story up on Wattpad. Sacrificial Sister is up on my page. You can find it here: http://wattpad.com/readlorey so go take a look and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Other than that I am sick of this stupid snow. I want blue sky and warm sun with lots of green grasses and flowers.

Read ya later!


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