funny thing happened on the way to the writing

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have found myself in an interesting situation. Yes, it is interesting, um, if I think about it too much. But then when I do the whole paradoxical universe blowing up freaks me out so I stop thinking about it. But here, let me explain it to you then you tell can tell me if it’s a paradox just waiting to blow up in my face causing a black hole of nothing to suck first my house and then the rest of the planet.

Ah, now you see my reason for fear? Good, pay attention. Here we go!

So you know I’ve been writing about Fernando, right? Well, I have and I’ve been using my laptop for the majority of the writing to keep everything in one place. Makes sense, right?

Well, on the other hand I’ve also been writing about Fernando’s mum on Wattpad. It’s all rough draft of course, but putting it there I can not only let people read me but I an access it anywhere and write when I get the time. Good idea, eh? Yeah, I thought so, too, until I started to think about it.

And this why I hate to think about things.

How can I be writing about Fernando when I am writing about his mother? In her story she hasn’t even had him yet. Heck, she hasn’t even gotten pregnant yet. But there’s Fernando talking to his best buddy about the evil Queen, his biological mother (he was adopted), and he hasn’t been born yet, in her story.

Is that possible? Is it dangerous? Heck, is it legal?

The more I think about the more it worries me. I’m afraid I may tear somebody’s continuum or space time something or other and everyone is going to blame me for the destruction of the planet and life as we know it today. Thank you for all the fish and goodbye.

Now do you see my dilemma?


The writing of the two stories at the same time could cause irreparable damage to the universe and everything.

Now you may be asking yourself, I sure did, how I got myself in this mess. And my answer is…I have no idea. All I can remember is that I wanted to write and began to write, but they won’t leave me alone and nag, nag, nag, me until I at least put something down to shut them up.

I was fortunate with Fernando because he is very patient. Not so much his biological mother. Nope, not one bit.

Oh yeah, and Fernando is fun to write because though he knows I am there he totally ignores me. He goes about his business like I’m not there watching and writing. It’s awesome! I wish my other people were like that. His mother has already gotten on me a few times to make me rewrite something because, in her words, “I would never say something so uncouth.”

Uncouth? Was she saying I’m uncouth? Wait, what does that mean again?

Anyway, do you think I should stop writing them at the same time and just focus on one or should I continue as is and take our chances? I’m going to leave it to you guys. Let me know what you think and I’ll be over there– *points*– writing.

Okay, I got to take Fernando shopping for court clothes.

Read ya later!


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