memory is such a sad thing

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

I pulled out the first book thinking it would be a good idea to format it for submission since it was a finished book an in its first revision, even if the third chapter still scared me (I thought maybe that since its been a while I could change chapter three into something not so creepy). But I can’t do that.

Oh, I can start formatting it, sure, if I wanted to format an INCOMPLETE novel. What? Why do I remember it as finished? I was working on the first revision. Who works on the first revision when it’s not even complete? Memory is such a sad thing.

I pulled it out and it is no where near complete and, MY GODS, it’s in such a sad state. So now I’m going to have to work on that when I get the second one finished.

No, wait, it gets better. Yeah, third book is coming through. Damn you muse! Yeah, third book is giving me ideas which I’ve been jotting down. It’s going to be more of an action thriller one (at least in my head) with stuff and traveling the world, and guns, and blowing up things. And aerial battles with gun and laser weapons.

I had to stop talking about third book because it was giving me more ideas. See up there in that last paragraph? Yeah, that wasn’t in my first thoughts on three. But it is much cooler. I cannot wait to read it.

If you don’t here from me in a while, and I realize I don’t blog often enough, probably, for anyone to even notice if I’m here or not, then I’m probably holed up in my house with a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the front door. Uh, not that people come over or anything. But still….

Recap….still writing Two, One is a mess, and Three coming through PLUS other stories are wanting my attention. Oh, and other projects that have nothing to do with writing.

Yeah, read ya later!


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