the story is changing

Posted: November 28, 2014 in writery things

The more I work on it the more it changes but I guess that’s normal. Right? Maybe?

It’s the same story basically; all I’m doing it getting it to be more logical. Maybe? I don’t know, but now that I’m working on it some major inconsistencies have come to light. Like that the age of my protagonist and his brother for instance. I see them in their early twenties but according to my writing group they were at the most 15. Yikes! So I’m going through it and seeing where I say boys a LOT! Seriously?

And I noticed other things. The name of the island had the same name as the people. And as this is an urban fantasy it has humans but it also has two other species that are as intelligent as humans, if not more in some cases.

So I had to address all that nonsense.

I’m losing word out pretty much but since I have HUGE plot holes the filling of said plot holes should take care of that problem. And the other two, maybe three, chapters that still need to be written.

The hardest part of this writing thing is the writing. No, it’s all in my head but getting it out in print takes time and a heck of a lot of time.

I still may buy a white board so I can use sticky notes and plot the damn thing right. I’ve gotten it mixed up in some places.

Yes, I am quite aware that I can use the electronic writing things they have out there now. I even have one of them. But after losing chapters electronically in the past I’m not too sure I trust all the new fangled nonsense. I also writes my notes in a yellow legal pad with mechanical pencils. I’m silly like that.

As it stands now this book won’t be finished by this year. Yeah, there’s only so many days left, right? But sometime next year I hope to have it finished and polished to a nice shine so I can send it to an editor to find all the things I can’t seem to see. And get some beta readers to give it a going over.

Then once all that is revised find an agent and get it published. Yay!

I’m just happy I have a lot more of these people to tell the world about.

Read ya later!


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