goals, you gotta have them…right?

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

I need to update this more often (I know I say that a lot) and I do mean to update it but then I don’t. I have no idea why. Maybe because it takes some effort on my part?

I am not lazy, I am not lazy, I am not lazy….if I say that enough I may start believing it.

So here it is the new year, 2015, and I set some goals. Like finish the book and edit it until it’s ready for an agent. I may even send it to a professional editor, when I am finally finished with my edits, and see what they think. I wonder how much that would cost? But I’ll worry about that later.

Right now I need to finish the novel. No, I have not been writing lately. Why? Does my lack of writing show?

But I made a outline of goals and I joined a website and have an agreement with a friend, who is going to write an outline for his music, to keep me focused on writing.

No, I have not written today. At least not on the novel. I did finish up a little project I needed done. Btut that is all I have written so far today. Maybe tomorrow? After I get the groceries?

I’ve been on vacation all week ever since Christmas and my goal was to finish the book during this week and a half. But nope, zilch has been done. Oh, I looked at it, lots, but have not added anything new to it.

Am I that hopeless? Seriously?

Nope, I can’t accept that because all I want to do is get the stories out of my head and sell them and support myself as a full time novelist. And then leave my kids the royalties from the sells after my death.

Yes, I will pass on eventually. Sometimes I can’t even wait for the day to come. *laughs* But I can wait for it when it is time. I have books to write and places to see before I go. Don’t count me out yet.

But if I set it up right then I can leave the kids something after I’m gone. I will leave them a nice little estate thingy that will give them something. Especially when they want to make my books into movies. Now that is going to be fun! I’ve never been on a movie set. I know one thing I don’t want Peter Jackson as the director. That idiot created a character that never existed in Middle Earth and then just left her live. Who does that? She isn’t in the LOTR movies so what happened to her? Wow!

I have an outline and at least two ways of trying to keep on track with regular writing. To be successful at this novelist thing I have to write and write a lot. When I set my goals I didn’t set them too high so I won’t lose heart thinking I can increase them when I do begin to writing regularly and consistently. Being consistent with my writing is going to be the hardest part because I think I was hiding somewhere taking an nap with they passed out the consistent bit. I’m missing some bits, actually.

Yeah, I’m awesome and amazing but I could use more patience and consistency.

I added a new goal to the website. Blog posts. At least one a week. Not only will it keep you guys up to date but it will help with my new writing goals. In theory anyway!

Read ya later!


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