chapter 4…really?

Posted: June 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m trying to finish the first draft and finally killed off the girlfriend. That poor woman stayed in labor way too long, it was only fitting that I kill her. I’m still not sure what to do about her twins. They may have to die. Or at least one of them.

Anyway, I knew I had HUGE plot holes so I’ve been going over the whole thing and making notes to myself to look at what ever chapter for why and when. Then I read chapter 4. What?

Yeah, chapter four makes no sense what so ever and I’m not even sure it’s necessary for the story line. It doesn’t really do anything. Some people are looking for some other people but the other people got away so the some people got nothing.

Really? *sigh*

I’m going to read 3 and 5, again, first, and then determine what to do about 4. But at the moment it looks like I might have to kill 4. If I killed 4 the book wouldn’t even notice it gone. Yeah, that’s how stupid it is. *shakes head* I have no idea why I even wrote it.

And the outline for it is even worse. *blinks*

So that’s the latest on the first draft finishing up posting.

Oh, and I signed up, again, for camp nano so I can at least flesh out the newest story in my stable. Will I finish in 30 days with 50,000 words? Probably not, but do I care if I finish or not? Not really. I’m just doing it to get me to write.

And tomorrow I will probably be tomatoing at Indy Reads. A bunch of us are meeting for a group write in.


Um, alrighty then. Read ya later!


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