the low down on the update

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’ve been working on chapter four…sort of/kinda. I have written more on it but that was only because of where I was at the time. I met up with some other writers to socialize at a writing kind of thing. Don’t ask! It doesn’t make sense to me why writers, who are basically doing a anti-social thing get together to be social. *shrugs shoulders*

Nope, I don’t get it either but they do.

So I got unstuck on chapter four but I haven’t really touched it since then. Oh, I know where it’s going and all, in fact it’s going to be quite gruesome with blood and entrails before it ends, but I’m still not finished with it. But I am mentally working through the chapter and have plans to get it written down so I can move on to the next mess.

But I have been working on my camp nano NEW novel. Yes boys and girls, I am going to write a new novel. *sigh* This writing business must be a mental disease. No, really, I think it is a mental illness of some sort.

Composition Schizophrenia Disorder? That would explain why the characters talk to me all the time. Or why I walk down a hallway at work and verbally, with arm gestures, work out a scene. With people passing me in the hallway. Yeah, and I wonder why they look at me funny.

I have notes on the protagonists (there are two this time) but nothing on an antagonist. I’m still working out that bit. But I have notes on all kinds of things and even started a rough outline. I had a helluva time figuring out my first scene.

I had to figure out how my two good (sorta) good guys meet so they can work together to get the bad guy (whom ever that is). So I needed a reason why they meet and a reasonable and logical place for them to meet.

Yes, indeedy, I have some good notes and ideas. But I still have to get the first draft of the other one finished so I can set it aside to ferment. And when it has fermented enough I can begin the edits. Woohoo! Um, I think.

Read ya later,


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