well, then there was this writing thing

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

With Camp Nano looming over my head I’m trying to get the outline of that story written, and notes for it jotted, and still work on the other story more. I’ve been filling plot holes (turns out there were more than I suspected) and finally finish the draft. And I have added the chapter where the wife dies during childbirth.

Now to finish all the stuff before that….geez. I have a lot more left to do than I thought. But I am thinking that the one chapter I was going to put it will be saved for the next book in the series. And I have to get the first book out, of course, because it’s nowhere near as finished as I thought.

And yet I signed up for camp. And started a camp cabin. And a camp event to, hopefully, meet each other in the chatzy for write-ins to get our word counts up.

At least that is the plan.

I may have to give up whatever social life I do have, and that isn’t much, to get this writing caught up and finished. I still have four other completely different books waiting for my attention. No, really, there are four. Well, two of them are related, sorta. But two separate books anyway. Plus two of my first ever novels. I have them, I just haven’t touched them in years.

Yeah, I may have to give up people completely.

Did I mention that I sold a short story for money? Oh, yeah, I did.

Well, I put the (I think, maybe) the last chapter at the end of my current WIP and realize that though I now have over 70,000 words written. But there is soooo much more to write before this draft is finished. And I’m not sure that all the plot holes are filled in. That’s what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. Patching plot holes. Oh, and outlining/making notes on my camp novel.

I’m shooting for 50,000 but hey, I will be happy just writing consistently. I don’t need a win to feel good about it. I just need to keep writing consistently.

And the camp thing? Yeah, I’m leaving town for a few days for vacation so I’m not sure if I will be writing. I am taking the laptop so I might. We’ll see.

Read ya later!


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