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Posted: August 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

In May of 2015 I sold a short story. No, you don’t understand. I SOLD a short story. FOR MONEY! I KNOW!!!!

It wasn’t much, and like I told a friend last night, the money wasn’t important (and no, they cannot have the money back) but the principle of the thing. As a writer I sold a story, for good or ill, to someone for MONEY. Cold cash, ducats, dough, legal tender…yes, MONEY! Sure, it went through paypal but I was paid actual money for one of my short stories.

That, my dear reader, makes me legit. A writer! An Author!

HA! Suck it teachers in school who used to get me in trouble for my vivid imagination and daydreaming. HA, I say!

But now I adapt the beginning of new novel for another short story to repeat my success and they changed their word count. So I changed my word count to match. And now I find they are not paying any longer. What??

*bubbles bursting*

So now I’m at square one and will have to find another market for my new story. And I like this one. Well, I like all my stories, but this one is different. Um, no dragons. Not yet, anyway, but I don’t think this urban fantasy will have any dragons.

And while waiting for my grammar queen to go over the short I have decided to take out book one and work on it. I’ve been working on two for so long that one (whose first draft I thought was finished but found out not so much) was just sitting around waiting for me.

I may be able to flesh it out better now that I have a better idea on who the characters are all about. Even if they are more about the parents of the people in book two and the children in book two aren’t born until the end of book one. It will be interesting to see how much the protagonist has changed since I started book one and then had her in book two.

My projects as they stand write now (see what I did there? *snort*)

  1. Edit short story (the one I just talked about) and find a market for it.
  2. Work on first book, i.e. finish outline, find chapters on backup files, revamp protagonist. etc.
  3. Work on character workup for new character and species for both book one and two.
  4. Work on other ideas for a non-fiction writing that people have told me I needed to write about.

For right now those are the writing projects. I also have other non writing projects going on.

Learning guitar, studying other things, and improving my shooting abilities. Seems I can’t hit anything that moves. Yeah, I need to fix that and get better. You must have goals, I always say. Well, actually I say, you gotta have hobbies, but it’s all the same thing, really.

Read ya later!


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